30 March 2013


Wishing you a lovely Easter Sunday. Easter reminds me of my namesake, my Grandmother. She always wore a white sweater to church and I would always help her put her earrings in her ears...

27 March 2013

coming "full circle"...

L to R:  Stephen, Dan, and David

My husband, David, goes pheasant hunting with his father and brother every year.  The last few years they have hunted at Full Circle Outfitters in South Dakota.  They always have the best time and enjoy their "man" time away.  We recently found out they are now featured in the Lodge's brochure!  How cute are they all decked out in their hunting gear. 

21 March 2013


I was backing up my photos today and came across this photo of the boys.  I couldn't help but to notice their long eyelashes.  I'm not sure where they got them, but I am certain the ladies will love them one day.  I know I sure do!

15 March 2013

iphones apps for mums...

I've recently stumbled across two iphone apps that are super handy for you moms.  ArtKive, is a free app that allows you take photos of your kiddos artwork, label it, and even share it with the grandparents.  After the school year is up, you can simply hit one button and it transforms all that art into a digital coffee table book!  I'm certain it will get more attention and views in a book rather than a nice box somewhere....

Anyone ever wish you had time to journal certain days or events for your kids, but honestly by bedtime rolls around you are worn out!  DayOne app allows you take photos and list a few things about your day, and even stamps the day with the weather.  You can tag events or kiddos- which makes printing out a "journal" a snap.  You can journal for multiple kiddos, but print only entries with "Ethan" tags!  Read more about it here.

13 March 2013

jewlery+wine+cake=perfect night

tomorrow night I'm hosting a Stella and Dot Party.  I've got my eye on this ringthis bangle, and this necklace.  Who am I kidding...I love it all!  I can't wait
to chat with friends, drink wine, and play dress up with great jewlery.  Oh- I also made this and can't wait to share it with my friends at the party.  Don't ya just love it when a pinterest pin actually turns out?

11 March 2013


Today I opened a window as I was cleaning... how sweet it was to hear the birds chirping and see our little garden of start to come to life again. I am anxiously awaiting more warm, sunny days.

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