09 April 2010


Speaking of smiles....some one's is about the change fast! Ethan has 4 (yes 4) teeth popping through simultaneously. His top 4 teeth are all coming! Just in time to have a white smile for his first birthday on the horizon! In the mean time, there is one tired mommy and daddy from night time awakenings!

07 April 2010

little man...

06 April 2010

10 Months....

At 10 Months of life Ethan is just that...full of LIFE! He has been a busy a boy. Just in the last week he has cut 3 teeth! He started walking with his walker just a few days shy of turning 10 months old. He is sooo happy when he up and walking! He just seems to be so proud of himself!

He now has toys that he can ride!!! His daddy was very excited about this one! And after all the play, we have to power back up with naps!

03 April 2010


Ethan and Easter Bunny (picture of a picture)

Easter this year was so much fun with Ethan. We kicked off the Easter season with a visit to Phillips Toy Mart to visit the bunnies. I remember my mom used to take me to McClures when I was a little girl to see the bunnies. So I was excited to see that Phillips did the same thing. I'm pretty sure Ethan just thought the bunnies were a form of Moli our cat.

bunnies at Phillips Toy Mart
He also went to go see the Easter Bunny. I lucked out with no one in line (we waited for around 30 minutes or more for Santa). I was even more pleased that I sat him down and he immediately started smiling. I'm thinking..."that was easy" until the lady taking the photos said she couldn't find the photos in the computer. By this time, Ethan's excitement is wearing off and is ready for me to pick up. Luckily, a young guy came and found all the smiling photos on the computer. I just felt bad for all the other parents whose smiling photos had been lost during the week:(

He went Easter egg hunting with his cousins Madeline and Caroline at the Brentwood Library. I think he was more interested in all of the other kids than the eggs. It was still pretty cute though to see him crawling around in the grass looking at the eggs scattered about.

On Easter morning, Ethan woke up to find the Easter Bunny had left him mega blocks in a little wagon and Gerber puffs in plastic eggs. What got his attention the most: the plastic eggs that he could shake of course! After breakfast I broke down and let David give Ethan his FIRST HAIRCUT! Well, a mini haircut. He had this long strand of hair that never fell out from birth that I just couldn't bear to trim. I finally let David trim it. If we had a vault, you bet it would be in there! I just could help but wonder if his baby hair never fell out how looong it would be now.

We then had breakfast at Mere Bulles with the Anderson Clan. After a little though, Ethan decided he WAS in fact a little scared of the Easter Bunny after he visited him on the lawn after breakfast! We really lucked out with the weather, it was a beautiful day! I was fortunate to also not to work my oncall at the hospital.

We finished up the day with an afternoon lunch in White Bluff with Nana and Papa. Nana cooked a southern lunch. We now know Ethan loves ham, greenbeans, and potatoes! But only if Nana cooks them:) I've never seen him eat so much "table food" before!

By the end of the day, the entire family was exhausted. Bear was in bed by 6:40, I was in my pjs at 7p, and poor David worked on the taxes! It was a great day thanks to great family!

breakfast at Loveless Cafe the day before Easter