19 June 2012

all fired up...Ethan turns 3!!!

We celebrated Ethan's 3rd birthday with a fire station party.  The party was on his actual birthday, so we blew birthday candles out at every meal!  It was a gorgeous, cool June day to have an outside birthday party.  All of Ethan's friends and family met at our local fire station.  The firemen were soooo nice and the kiddos loved sitting in the fire engines, pulling horns, pushing buttons.  I got a little nervous a time or two that Ethan might actually start an engine or have a ladder pop out.  

We then invited everyone to our backyard to eat hot dogs, cake, and bounce in the bouncy house.  When it came time to blow out the candles, we had to try 3 different types of candles because of the wind.  Finally... third time was the charm!  Lucky number 3, huh?  Ethan was thrilled when everyone sang and he got to blow out his candles.  I tear up every time he blows out candles at all of his birthday parties.  He has turned from baby to boy even more this year.  David and I are so proud of the little boy he has become.  

After our guests left, Ethan opened his gifts with family.  His favorite was a new bicycle from Papa!  He loved practicing riding his new spider man bike--- just like his Daddy's first bike--- inside the house with his fireman hat on.  

I can't wait to see what this year holds for him.  He amazes us every day.  Thank you for everyone who came and celebrated our sweet boy with us.  

breakfast :  singing and candles

opening his first gift before the party

first soccer shoes!

to go along with new goals!

the invitation


table for our little guests

3 gifts for a 3 year old


welcome sign

at the firestation

loved honking the very loud horn

singing happy birthday day

L to R: Dotti, me, Bennett, Papa, Nana, and Ethan

loved my new bubble maker from Grandma & Grandpa

opening gifts

new fireman suit! 

insisted on wearing the fireman hat backwards:)

new bike!

party favor bags

07 June 2012

top 10...

Even though I am still enjoying every second of maternity leave,  I would like to take a minute to brag.  I am so excited that my NICU has just been named by US News and World Report a top 10 NICU.  I know how hard my friends and coworkers work and how passionate we are about the babies.  I have to brag a wee little bit because I'm so proud.

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