25 March 2009

7 months preggo

Most women say their first pregnancy drags on forever...well, mine has flown by! So far Baby Boy Anderson seems to be doing well. He has become more active and even woken me up at 4am having a soccer match in my belly. When I am at work taking care of my NICU babies, he really starts kicking when he hears the ventilators alarm! I think he prefers the soft bark of his dog Alex at home rather than the bells and whistles of work! David and I are taking Childbirth Education classes at the hospital. We only have a couple more weeks of classes and have enjoyed them. I'd say the best part is the last 10 minutes when all the husbands massage their preggo wives' backs!!!

24 March 2009

puppy dog tails...

Amber, me, Mary, and Jessica

just some of the food and yummy cupcakes

Last Sunday I had my first baby shower hosted by my friends Amber, Jessica, and Mary. The shower started off with bang when one of my oldest friends walked through door...Katie! Or should I say waddled through the door....being that she is 2 weeks away from her due date! I had no idea Katie was pregnant too! Katie and I went to preschool, elementary, junior high, high school, and then found ourselves as college roomies! We always said we'd get pregnant at the same time....who knew?? Anyway, after holding back happy tears...the shower began!
Katie and me

I had a wonderful time chatting with my friends and talking about all things baby! I have never seen so much wonderful food at a shower before! Not only that, Mary made sure everything was pasteurized or preggo safe! Thanks friend! Mary and Amber should go into party planning! Jessica had lovely tulips throughout the house! We played nursery rhyme games and guessed how many diapers were in a box. Baby Boy's room is really started to look like a nursery after receiving so many gifts. A big thanks to all of my friends and family!

Baby Book
Books about sleeping and eating your vegetables for dessert!
an adorable "cow" bath wrap Alex is modeling....don't worry I'll wash it before baby arrives!

Little Giraffe blanket and burp cloths...they are so pretty I'd hate for him to spit up on them!

When I got home was putting away his things in his room, I found another little surprise waiting for me! Months ago while shopping I found a hand painted picture of a golden retriever puppy. It was perfect for his room! Of course, I fell in love with it! I couldn't bring myself to buy it being that I thought it was expensive. However, I couldn't quit thinking about it. So as I was putting away baby boy's things, I found it on his shelf! David had bought it for me and surprised me! What a sweet husband and daddy-to-be! I can't wait until my rocker is here so I can rock and enjoy his room and new painting!
Puppy dog painting

Sweet Caroline

Our niece Caroline was born last week! She is already her big sister's favorite new person! Madeline has taken to the role of big sister quite nicely! Caroline has beautiful dark brown hair and weighed 9 pounds 11 ounces. Welcome Miss Caroline! Congrats Stephen and Jessica!

15 March 2009

look who is turning 2

Our niece Madeline is turning two! We celebrated her birthday just before her little sister's, Caroline, expected arrival. We had a blast with Barney and Friends complete with a Barney Cake! We hope your birthday was as much for you as it was for us!!! Happy Birthday Maddie Mae!

09 March 2009

father like son.....already

David's mom brought us his clothes from when he was a baby. I must say David was a Locoste Baby!!! He must have been the most preppy boy on the block! Anyhow, after we found we were having a boy we headed straight to the mall to shop. David found a vintage looking superman tee shirt for the baby that he just had to buy. When I was looking through David's baby clothes guess what I found??? A superman tee shirt David wore! Almost identical! Now, If I could only find a picture of David wearing it....