16 August 2013

not only...

someone likes brother's boots
a little sneak peak of the project

it's Friday!!!  Not only did Bennett not cry for the FIRST time during ISR 
he squealed as if he enjoyed himself swimming with his brother.  Did I
mention we are in week four?

Not only did we get Sweet Cece's afterwards to celebrate another week of ISR complete, 
we enjoyed our frozen yogurt for free!  

Not only did I start an art project for Ethan's room, I actually finished it!  

Not only do we have a date night tomorrow night, we are taking a limo to a concert {Fitz & the Tantrums}.  Which is a first for me...
Oh, David's family are joining us.  We might actually carry on a conversation over 
dinner without five kiddos to tend to.  

Yes, I have enjoyed today!  I hope you have too!

15 August 2013

slow moving mama....

The last few weeks I've been secretly dreading falling back into our fall routine...rushing through breakfast, packing lunches, getting in the car to realize the highlight of my morning {coffee} is now cold. Did I mention he only goes to school three days a week? Oh, and lets factor in soccer, swim lessons, and ISR.  What will come of me when he starts kindergarten? I suppose that is why I'm savoring the slow moving mornings and keeping my boys on our own agenda ----- play dough.   I must admit that maybe my home school mama friends have figured a little something out!

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14 August 2013

rewind to rosemary {wedding}


I had mentioned the bride was stunning, right? 

while getting ready Whitney wore an "I do" necklace


and now they get to live happily ever after!

13 August 2013

rewind to rosemary {beach bonfire & rehersal dinner}

{beach bonfire}

Whitney and Jon welcomed their guests to their wedding weekend by hosting a beach bonfire.  The weather rained and then stopped in time for us to kick off the celebration beach side.  The lightening after the storm was pretty incredible over the ocean.  

we traveled all over town by way of bikes

my Mom and my two boys

the mother and father of the bride...

at the bonfire

David and his Mom...one of my favorite pics of them

{rehearsal & dinner}
the lovely bride

The rehearsal took place on the beach followed by a poolside dinner.  
Keeping Ethan out of the pool was quite a feat.  He ended 
up with half wet short and dripping wet shoes:) 

Bennett was 16 months old

Ethan and David

Practicing his big walk

being a little boy

walking to the dinner

Rehearsal dinner

09 August 2013

rewind to rosemary...

Back in June we took a family vacation to Rosemary to watch my sister {in law} get 
married.  We had a lovely week at the beach with family and friends.  
The wedding would have Martha Stewart's approval. The bride was simply 
stunning.  And we had a fabulous time.  

Here are a few photos from our week before the wedding festivities started...

Nana swinging Bennett

our lovely little cottage

"mom made we wear this ridiculous hat"

the boys in their swim wear

ready to go!

"She made me wear the ridiculous hat too!"

LOTS more wedding photos to come...

08 August 2013

i promise you'll love it...


my mother in law introduced me to Hanna Andersson pajamas.  They are made from
organic cotton and I've yet to find a better pajama that hold up as well as they are soft.  Serena and Lily has Hanna Andersson sleepers in their adorable Serena and Lily prints.  I was thrilled to find the sleeper I had been coveting on sale today!  Go buy one...they last forever since there is no feet in them!  I promise you'll love them!

coconut oil

When I was on a strict dairy and soy free diet I adored coconut oil and butter for cooking.  It was only after a random little chat with a fellow nurse who is graduating to become a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner did I discover that coconut oil is now a commonly prescribed for kiddos for multiple reasons....eczema and so forth.  Ethan has been struggling with cradle cap or seborrheic dermatitis {yes my 4 year old with tons of hair} since he was two years old.  Dermatologist prescribed various shampoos and mouse with steroids which I never was quite comfortable putting on his head.  So I dug out the coconut oil out of my pantry and dabbed a little on the spots, shampooed, and combed.  Guess whose scalp looks perfect for the first time in years!  Go a head and slather it on yours hands too....this stuff is a miracle worker!  And that is coming from a pediatric nurse...I promise you'll love it.


When my boys are fussy whether in the car or at home I put on kid music.  However after four years of Wee Sing I needed a change.  Thanks to Pandora I recently stumbled across Elizabeth Mitchell.  Finally something that might soothe my mind along with the kids!  I promise you'll love her!