28 February 2013

fancy a stripe?

it's that time again...time to shop for the boys spring/summer clothes.  I'm fairly certain everything I've ordered so far down to their socks is stripes!  No surprise I am trying to find the time to paint my laundry room walls, what else, STRIPES!  

26 February 2013

Look Whooo's One!

Saturday we celebrated Bennett's First Birthday with an Owl Party.  Bennett's very favorite thing is his owl lovie so that is where the owl theme came into place.  It was a small party of family and close friends, which was perfect for my shy baby!  After guests arrived we had Sara of Music Time with Sara   come.  We played instruments, sang, and danced...what every good party should have!  It really made for a sweet first birthday.  Everyone then sang Happy Birthday to Bennett and watched him rub cake all in his face and ears.  After a quick bath Bennett opened his gifts and sent his guests off with a party favors of maracas and whistles.  Thank you for everyone who came to celebrate our sweet Bennett.  

birthday spanking by Uncle Stephen

owl cake and tree stump smash cake made by Puffy Muffin
owl decorations made by Creative Party Banners
Owl Goodie Bags made by JennifersCookies
Personalized Party Hat made by DaintyCouture
Invitation made by Notes by Red Letter
Maracas and whistles found at Amazon

24 February 2013

Isn't she lovely...

My favorite five....

- Posted from my iPad (in bed in something not so glamorous)

19 February 2013

one year ago today...

Happy Birthday my sweet baby Bennett!  You are more than loved.  

14 February 2013


Happy Valentines Day!  This morning the boys opened their "mail bags" I found at Pottery barn Kids.  Ethan's bag contained his very own owl lovie to match Bennett's.  I'm certain Bennett was more excited  so that Ethan will stop taking his and hiding it!  Mr. Bennett was treated with yogurt melts, books, and balls!  Ethan also got the Mary Poppins video which he has been hysterically trying to sing along with.  

Ethan had a Valentines Party at school and we made these valentines to give to his friends:)  I found the printable card here and ordered the bugs off of amazon.  

It is our little family tradition that I give everyone tacky balloons for Valentines Day.  I was underwhelmed at the party store but loved these little monster balloons for my little monsters.  David's balloon is complete with fur this year:)

xoxo Scarlett

12 February 2013


today I ran to Target to pick up a few goodies for Valentines Day...
it is amazing how much fun a trip to target can be when you have this 
little man to share it with.  I'm so blessed have so many sweeties
to love on this Thursday...

07 February 2013

Swaddled in Love...

February kicks off the Swaddled in Love Blanket Drive benefiting Vanderbilt Children's Hospital's NICU.  We use these blankets in place of hospital issued blankets to swaddle or place in the incubators.  This gives a sense of normalcy and peace to parents amidst the wires, ventilators, and tubing.  Also, the blankets are softer for the babies and are used in developmental care.  The donated blankets are kept at the hospital and are not taken home by the families.  We literally wear these blankets out so any donations are greatly needed and used.  Donations of new or barely used blankets, preemie clothing, and sleep sacks are needed.   The drive runs the entire month of February.  

Wanna help?  Email me about how you can help swaddle a sweet little baby in love!  

02 February 2013

snow days...

Just when I had given up on atleast one good snow, old man winter surprised us!

 Bennett's First Snow!
Snow angel

back yard