17 August 2014

First Days...

Last week was a week of firsts...
First Day of Kindergarten for Ethan,
and a first day of Day School for Bennett.

While Bennett started his Day School this summer with a few camp days, 
the school year is ran differently and it was more firsts for him too.

We debated until June if we were going to send Ethan to Kindergarten.  
I cried many tears when we decided our blonde boy should go.
I haven't had any tears so far now that he has actually started, but
feel that in a quiet moment this week they will find me.

I've learned that while David and I strive to teach the boys about life, 
they teach us.  I feel we put on our brave face and tell them that school
will great!  New friends, big schools, new things to learn.  
Its when they go so courageously, that I learn from them
that new beginnings are good things.  Even if I will miss 
them when I find the house quiet this week.  

15 August 2014

St. Thomas

We recently took a family vacation to St. Thomas.  I was so eager to sqeeze in a vacation before Kindergarten started (more on that later) and looking back I'm so glad we did.  We all loved St. Thomas!  You will see from the photos it was a boy paradise from all the snorkeling, sea life, sailboats, hobie cats, skim boards, paddle boards, boogie boards, and sea kayaks.  Ethan and David kept each other on the move, while Bennett and I took a more relaxed approach.  I was starting my third trimester and found myself a little more cautious since the island did not have a hospital.  Bennett didn't mind!  We have the more relaxed beach approach where as David and Ethan were all about conquoring the water!

In the photos above we found an 80 year old Wooden Sailboat, The Catania, and chartered it for a day.  The Captain was born on the boat and the closet thing to Jack Sparrow I'd ever seen.  He had sailed around the world on this boat with his parents and brother.  He now owns the boat and takes it out on private charters.  We had quite the day when the wind riped the sail right in half as our morning started.  No worries a good sailor always has a back up sail.  We snorkled off of two islands and had lunch on the boat.  The first mate(the guy with the dreads) kept us quite entertained with his islander stories.  

Ethan and David took these Hobie Cats out every day.  They loved sailing!  I enjoyed watching everyone else flip theirs over and getting rescued:)  Beach entertainment people!

Puffer fish caught by Dad

sea urchin caught a little too close to shore!

pool and ocean view 

Ethan made friends with two older boys who gave him a quick skim board lesson.  

Ethan was determined to learn to paddle board!  He did a great job.   

Dinner View

My beach boys!  

Bennett's first time on a sea kayak

hammock on the beach...yes please

We took an afternoon sail on this catamaran the Ritz owns.  Ethan showed everyone his snorkle skills as he decided to jump off the boat verses walking down the steps to snorkel in the middle of ocean.  He can snorkle and handle his fins better than most grown men we've learned!  Hopefully my gopro video will upload later!  

Last night!