26 September 2009

4 month baby stats

Here are Ethan's 4 Months Stats...my my what a big boy he is!

Weight 15 pounds 12 ounces (75 percentile)
Length 25 inches (62 percentile)
Head Circumference 42.1 cm (50 percentile)

24 September 2009

4 months old......

Little Bear is 4 months old and soooo much fun! He is all smiles and loves-loves-loves to be kissed on and tickled! We have started putting him in his "Jumperoo" now that he is so big. He loves to squeal "like a little piglet" as David calls it when happy. During our trip to Rosemary, Grandpa and Grandma found that Ethan just LOVES to be sung to. We have discovered "Wee Sing" CDs and now this mommy walks around singing children songs all day long! I love them but notice I'm singing, "The Wheels on the Bus" while I'm at work at loud!

Also, we now can put Ethan in the stroller part of the Quinny without the car seat. It is awesome! The Quinny came with a plastic covering for rain. Initially, I thought, "Who would put plastic over their baby?" Well, we all know that I am famous putting putting nets over strollers and things....so of course it would be fitting that I use the plastic rain guard. With almost 2 straight weeks of rain I was desperate to get out and stroll with Ethan. Afraid that it might start raining while out, I brought the plastic covering just in case. Of course now that Nashville has relocated to Seattle, it started sprinkling. I found the rain guard was awesome and Ethan snoozed right the rain drops dry as can be!

snoozing in The Quinny after our stroll in the rain the jumperoo

I have returned to work and it is going well. The babies at work seem even smaller (if that is possible) since I've been at home with Ethan. Just one day back at work has given me perspective that I seem to have lost while away. I worry about naps and tummytime, meanwhile there are many parents that have a "just over one pound" baby to worry about. This just makes hold him even closer when he wakes up 3am. Ethan seems to be having a good time having his Daddy all to himself! Below is a picture that David sent me on my first day back to work. His Nana is loving spending so much time with him! She has strict instructions to give him lots of kisses and tickles while I'm at work!

17 September 2009

all good things come to an end...

drying off after bathtime!

Ethan has started sitting in his bumbo chair and holding rattles for the 1st time

Ethan splashing in the tub....he just loves water!

This Sunday I will be going back to work for the first time. I cannot tell you how much I have loved, loved, loved my time at home with Ethan. My mom has told me it will be the hardest day of my life, leaving Ethan all day for the first time. However, she assures me it will be good for me and it will get easier with time. I am trying to start focusing of the positive aspects of my job. First of all, I love working in the NICU. I love the adrenaline filled days of bedside surgeries followed by days of cuddling with sweet babies. Second of all, I can (try) arrange my schedule to where I don't leave Ethan for more than 2 days at a time. Also, I work in an environment with mostly young women who are mothers as well.....if they can do-surely I can too. The biggest downfall is that when I work, I will literally leave in the morning before he is awake, and not be home until after he is asleep. Missing an entire day of his life seems....oh I don't know.....incredibly sad. However, trying to stay positive....he will either be with David or my mom-two people who couldn't love and adore him more! I really can't ask for anything better than that. David says he gives me until noon on Sunday to be home in tears. Hopefully, I will be able to pull it together and snap back into nurse mode. Just keep me in your thoughts this Sunday:)

14 September 2009

ethan's 3 month photos...

08 September 2009

rosemary beach....a week in pictures

Rosemary Beach Town Hall

Our little family

Ethan snoozing at the beach in his sun tent

Ethan and Mommy

Grandma, Grandpa, and David

my little fish! He LOVED the pool!

Ethan and Daddy

more pool fun

snoozing at the beach...again

Grandpa and Grandma

notice our little man snoozing in the corner!

fuzzy kisses from Grandpa

Ethan loves his Grandma

swimming with Daddy

"Can I wear your Maui Jim's Daddy?"

at the beach in my surf shirt!