30 October 2010

little monsters...a playdate of sorts

Ethan invited a few of his friends over for a Halloween Little Monsters Playdate. I made (well... Krogers did) breakaway Frankenstein cupcakes. I am sure all the mummies were loving me come 5:30p and their little monsters were full of sugar! What spooktacular time we had! Puppies, kittens, bumble bees, skeletons, a gang of gorillas, lions, superman, and dragons all came.

29 October 2010

ding dong..

I am not big fan of victorian homes, but wouldn't you like to have one like this in your neighborhood on Halloween night? Spooky!

28 October 2010

last halloween....

Today while on my old laptop, I ran across this photo from last year. My, what a handsome little lion cub I have!!! This is still one of my favorite photos of Ethan.

27 October 2010

litte superhero...

a halloween treat...

Superman Halloween 1979 (David is on the right)

Superman Halloween 2010

21 October 2010

16 months followup...

Looking back at my post on Ethan at 16 months, I realized what a poor job I did to describe him at this age. I think trying to squeeze in a quick post in the middle of balancing mommyhood, work, and enjoying Fall I lost my words. Here goes a long ramble describing my 16 month old toddler....

First of all, he is a funny little guy. His laugh is the best laugh in the world. Truth be told, I have been horrible at getting out the video camera and capturing his "language" and laughs. Most lately have been captured by my iphone video, which isn't great. I have been slowly introducing him to tv....Barney, The Wiggles, Thomas the Train, Sesame Street. His favorite: Wheel of Fortune! It comes on and he goes and sits in this little spot on the rug and claps and cheers and repeats the vowel and consonants. It is truly adorable and is the only tv program that he is interested in for more than 2 minutes. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will continue to prefer books. I've been taking him to the Library for Toddler Time which he seems to love. I think his favorite part is looking at the other kiddos. He always finds one kid that he "like" and wants to play with their hair. Meals are either easy or hard. The last few weeks he has had several meals where he isn't interested in anything you put on his plate. Since I refuse to cook 4 different dinners on these nights, I follow up with a large meal the next time. Luckly, he eats well most of the time. Those moms who kiddos are picky, my heart goes out to you! It can be very frustrating. Ethan's favorite word: Daddy. This mommy hears "Da Da" all the day long. We will be in Kroger and all of a sudden I hear a "da da" and a look that says "where is my daddy?" We are trying to enjoy every second of the fall season. Our morning walks now include a stop by the playground and usually we are back at the playground in the afternoon. Lately, he could swing for hours. He is running faster and faster everyday. He is still quite in love his best friend Alex. When Ethan is tired, I find him laying with dog cuddling with his soft hair. Every morning Alex gets a hug right after Ethan's feet hit the ground. He has had 3 hair cuts and could use another one. He loves bath time and always protests when it is time to get out. I have had the best time shopping for his fall/winter clothes. Something I have failed to mention in months past is how friendly he is. He waves at everyone he passes at the grocery, in the stroller in the neighborhood, standing in the yard as cars drive past....everyone gets a wave from Ethan!

All that being said....life with a toddler is busy. David and I pondered the other night about "what did we do before we had Ethan?" My first thought....sleep! Ha!

19 October 2010

what a difference a year makes....

14 October 2010

gentry's farm 2010...

Last Saturday we took off to Gentry's Farm to pick a few pumpkins. It was a gorgeous day to be outside and enjoy the weather. Ethan had a blast playing in the pumpkin patch, running through fields, looking at goats & chickens, playing in tepees, and running through a corn maze. Thinking back to last year, I am (yet again) amazed at how much Ethan has changed in one year! How lucky are we to live in Tennessee and be able to enjoy the country with our children.

07 October 2010

16 Months....

Life with a 16 month old is fun and busy! Ethan's little personality is popping out more and more every day. He has been talking more and more everyday. His new favorite activity: dancing! Just today he busted his lip dancing a little to close to the coffee table (busted lip #2 but whose counting?). He is wearing 18 month clothes and looking taller every day. He is now sliding down the slide at the playground by himself and then applauds himself! Meals have become an hour event due to the clean up afterwards from the self feeding! Whew! We are getting ready for Halloween and practicing our "trick-or-treat."