28 November 2014

Meet Crew...

 We are over the moon with share with you our third little blonde boy, Crew.  I can't believe it has taken me almost 7 weeks to update my blog, but 3 kids 5 and under its hard to keep the fridge stocked  and the laundry some what caught up.  Crew arrived two weeks before my due date.  I was trying to wait atleast three more days but I had the feeling he would come the weekend he did.  Everyone was on fall break...including my OB:)  My water broke at a bouncy house place which makes me laugh.  I called my husband who put me straight to voicemail.  So I loaded the boys up in the van and drove home!  David called me back and then met me at home.  I attempted to finish up packing my bag and found that David had already put it in the car.  I remember I "had" to put Bennett down for his nap before we left for the hospital.  I think I cried the entire time I sang to him knowing it would be his last moments as my "baby."  He loved being the baby and I loved babying him.  I then came down stairs and hugged Ethan bye.  He kissed my tummy and said "I can't wait to meet you baby!"  Yep- more tears!  In the meantime, David is sitting in the car anxiously waiting on me.  I think knowing its your last pregnancy and last baby...I wasn't in rush.  Yes,  I was exhausted from all the steroids I had been on, but I was soaking up all the sweet kicks.  

I was shocked to have a long, slow labor but overall everything went well.  My first thought after he was born was just how blonde he looked in the open bed warmer across the room.  He was one of the blondest babies I had ever seen.  Crew had to transition in the NICU for a few hours after he was born.  David stayed with him and I found myself alone for 2 hours just sitting in the dark.  It was the strangest 2 hours of my life.  Exhausted, concerned, elated, and everyone was asleep as it was in the wee morning hours.  I was dying to tell my friends and family about our newest sweet boy.  

Later that day my mom brought the boys to meet their little brother.  That was one of the sweetest moments.  We went home the next day and life never skipped a beat.  By the third baby you have a baby and two days later are in car rider line at school and making lunches.  

We have been blessed by our friends, family, and neighbors who have shown more love for us than one could imagine.  We are still over the moon to have three little boys to love on.

8 pounds 7 ounces, 21 inches

Ethan and Bennett meet Crew

in the hospital ready to go!

23 September 2014

finally...it's Fall!

I'm not sure if it is shopping for fall clothes for the boys, the crisp days 
where everyone has a smile, or the fairy tale pumpkins...
whatever it is it makes me happy.  

Happy First Day of Autumn

15 September 2014

Hard to believe...

In a handful of weeks this little man will no longer be the littlest. I remember feeling the same way with his big brother when I was expecting Mr. Stone. Nervous about the baby not feeling "babied" anymore. My hope is I always make them feel loved and find time every day for a little one on one time. I'm so lucky to be their momma. So so lucky.

12 September 2014

Sweet September

It is 68 degrees outside...Friday...and September. This very pregnant momma is celebrating with a pedicure in my favorite fall nail color, a chi latte, and leisure walk around anthro! I've nested myself tired and today my goal is to slow down.

Tomorrow we are celebrating my sisters birthday at local vineyard...and I can't wait to watch all of our children run around while we can just sit and be.

Happy Friday!

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08 September 2014


What a weekend!  We literally kicked it off with a soccer game where Ethan scored his first two goals of the season and then I celebrated Baby Boy with a lovely shower hosted by my mother-in-law and sisters {more on that later}.  We also celebrated Grandparents Day at Wholy Crepe.  
Icecream before 10 am...yes please. 

So back to Saturday night...David and I snuck out to The Piano Guys concert.  We had bought the tickets so long ago I almost forgot exactly who and what type of group they are.  I remember David stumbled across them on youtube last winter and we spend several nights watching their clips on youtube with boys.  They played at the Ryman Auditorium and were incredible to say the least.  I have never laughed so hard at concert and also been brought to tears.  Everytime they would play it felt like the baby was dancing...guess he liked it too!  They are known for their videos where they airlift a piano and play the Cello on The Great Wall of China for instance.  Look them up on you tube because the videos are almost as amazing as their music.  

17 August 2014

First Days...

Last week was a week of firsts...
First Day of Kindergarten for Ethan,
and a first day of Day School for Bennett.

While Bennett started his Day School this summer with a few camp days, 
the school year is ran differently and it was more firsts for him too.

We debated until June if we were going to send Ethan to Kindergarten.  
I cried many tears when we decided our blonde boy should go.
I haven't had any tears so far now that he has actually started, but
feel that in a quiet moment this week they will find me.

I've learned that while David and I strive to teach the boys about life, 
they teach us.  I feel we put on our brave face and tell them that school
will great!  New friends, big schools, new things to learn.  
Its when they go so courageously, that I learn from them
that new beginnings are good things.  Even if I will miss 
them when I find the house quiet this week.  

15 August 2014

St. Thomas

We recently took a family vacation to St. Thomas.  I was so eager to sqeeze in a vacation before Kindergarten started (more on that later) and looking back I'm so glad we did.  We all loved St. Thomas!  You will see from the photos it was a boy paradise from all the snorkeling, sea life, sailboats, hobie cats, skim boards, paddle boards, boogie boards, and sea kayaks.  Ethan and David kept each other on the move, while Bennett and I took a more relaxed approach.  I was starting my third trimester and found myself a little more cautious since the island did not have a hospital.  Bennett didn't mind!  We have the more relaxed beach approach where as David and Ethan were all about conquoring the water!

In the photos above we found an 80 year old Wooden Sailboat, The Catania, and chartered it for a day.  The Captain was born on the boat and the closet thing to Jack Sparrow I'd ever seen.  He had sailed around the world on this boat with his parents and brother.  He now owns the boat and takes it out on private charters.  We had quite the day when the wind riped the sail right in half as our morning started.  No worries a good sailor always has a back up sail.  We snorkled off of two islands and had lunch on the boat.  The first mate(the guy with the dreads) kept us quite entertained with his islander stories.  

Ethan and David took these Hobie Cats out every day.  They loved sailing!  I enjoyed watching everyone else flip theirs over and getting rescued:)  Beach entertainment people!

Puffer fish caught by Dad

sea urchin caught a little too close to shore!

pool and ocean view 

Ethan made friends with two older boys who gave him a quick skim board lesson.  

Ethan was determined to learn to paddle board!  He did a great job.   

Dinner View

My beach boys!  

Bennett's first time on a sea kayak

hammock on the beach...yes please

We took an afternoon sail on this catamaran the Ritz owns.  Ethan showed everyone his snorkle skills as he decided to jump off the boat verses walking down the steps to snorkel in the middle of ocean.  He can snorkle and handle his fins better than most grown men we've learned!  Hopefully my gopro video will upload later!  

Last night!  

14 July 2014

beach please...

we are headed out today for an island vacation where I can't wait see my boys hair lighten in the sun, read beach side, and snorkle off a sail boat that's over 100 years old.  we've been seaching all summer for a place to vacation and I can hardly wait now that we finally planned one.  This will be our last family vacation as a family of four:)