24 August 2009

12 weeks.....3 months

Ethan is officially 3 months old and full of life! He prefers being on floor playing verses swinging or sitting in his vibrating chair. He has taken interest in watching Moli and Alex move around the house. He has started squealing when he is happy and talking! It is amazing how such a little man can make so much noise! Standing on his legs is his new favorite thing! He is going to me mobile before I know it! I'm having soooo much fun being home with him and just loving mommyhood! Oh, and this will be our last "weeks" chair photo. They will now post when he is a month older than his previous picture! check out my Vanderbilt Polo...I don't think it will fit when Football season is in full swing!

"it is time for bed mom....don't I look sleepy enough?"

Ethan recently got to visit with his Great Grandad and Great Grandma Ruth. I thought I was going to have to pry Ethan from Ruthie's arms! She just loved loving on him! We are definitely going to have to visit more!

Ethan had a little "blowout" if you know what I mean in this little outfit. I decided this occurs way to often to be immediately washing what ever outfit he was wearing at the time, so I just tossed the sleeper into his hamper. Soon I discovered that "blowouts" are appealing to dogs....such as Alex! Notice what is missing!

I have come to love early morning runs with Ethan and Alex. Especially with this wonderful fall like weather we have had lately. I just find it strange at how many people comment on my "puppy" Alex and not my adorable baby!!! I guess I keep Ethan "tented" like one of Micheal Jackson's kids! No seriously, he loves his sun net that is 50 SPF and also keeps the bugs off! It is ridiculous looking I know, but he loves the shade and I love the SPF!

22 August 2009

11 weeks....part 2

I guess I was in a hurry when I wrote my last post because I forgot to mention 2 big events that occurred this week! Ethan had his first laugh for David early one morning. Ethan is a "morning person" just like his Daddy. He apparently thought it was funny when David said, "Mommy and Moli are from the same planet!" And I missed it!

He also moved from his sweet bassinet in our room into his crib in the nursery. It was a bittersweet transition. I just loved the bassinet and already miss seeing my sweet boy snoozing in it!

19 August 2009

11 weeks...

happy boy

at Noah's 1st birthday party
I just love my puppy dog "Bert" from Aunt Berta

Moli reading "What to Expect the First Year"

11 Weeks

I just love these PJs

I am amazed more and more everyday with how fast Ethan grows and changes! This week he has decided he isn't really into his pacifier anymore...very rarely will he want it when he is sleeping. He is finding his voice and loves to coo and talk to you! He loves loves loves to "stand" or bear weight on his legs. I can't wait to see what next week holds in store for us!
(PS....I have got to stop taking his photos in his chair right before bedtime...he always looks soo sleepy!)

15 August 2009

birthday wishes....

doing what I do best.....playing in water!

Last week we celebrated Alex's 10th Birthday! Ten years ago Alex was given to me from my mom as an early birthday present. He was an adorable little ball of fluff with paws almost as big as his head. Little did I know what an impact he would have on my life. He has truly been an amazing dog and best friend.

When he was a puppy, I would rush home from high school to take him to the park to swim in lakes and chase geese. As time passed it was time for me to leave for college.....I had to leave Alex at home with mom. I would look forward to holidays where my landlord would let me bring him to stay with me while my roommates were away. He would then quickly adapt from living outside to living indoors. I would crack up as he would snore and let out little quiet barks as he dreamed.

When David and I got married and moved into our town home, I was so thrilled to have him move back in with me. I was anxious to see how he would adapt to living with a 7 pound cat who had never seen a dog before. Moli was apprehensive about this large creature in her kingdom. Alex did great....he just needed to get a few sniffs in and he was golden....a gentile giant. Moli and Alex are now best friends! They play together and chase each other....yes our tiny cat hold her own against Alex. My favorite thing is to see them rub faces....it is kinda like a hug or kiss between them! I really should try to get it on video...it is too cute!

When we brought Ethan home from the hospital, we were a little anxious to see how Alex and Moli would react. It were as if Alex had already met Ethan and wasn't shocked to have him home. They both just needed one good sniff of Ethan and that was their hello. The first night home every time my feet hit the floor to go wake Ethan up for a feeding, or attend to his cry Alex was up and at attention! By night two, he decided he was too old for this and would just open his eyes to watch me! Now, he just snoozes and hopes his ears doesn't get stepped on! If Ethan starts crying and I'm not moving his direction... Alex gets stands and waits to me to go to him.

Happy Birthday to my loyal Alex! I wish you many more days of swimming, chasing tennis balls, snoozing, and eating your doggie ice cream! We love you!

12 August 2009

10 weeks....

Can you tell it is time for bed? I look sleepy!

10 Weeks

my PJ's have little teddy bears on them

look how big I'm getting
playing in my gym!

This week I would like to start this post by announcing some good news. David has started a new job with Norfolk Homes! He is very excited about his new position. He is doing the budgeting and planning for the home building process. Ethan and I are very excited for him, however, we miss him being at home during the day!

Ethan is becoming more and more active with each passing day! He has discovered that his gym is his new favorite thing! There is a ball suspended from the gym that he loves to kick! He is just practicing for some upcoming soccer games!

If anyone is wondering where I am....I have put myself on house arrest! I have deemed this week "baby boot camp." However, it is more like "mommy boot camp!" I am desperately trying to teach Ethan how to nap. He wakes up after 20 minutes and I will then spend the next hour and ten minutes leaning over his crib shushing him. I have thoughts like...."If I had a penny every time I said "shush," I'd never have to work again" or " David is going to come home to find me passed out in the floor from shushing for sooo long!" The ironic thing is he's wanting to get up and play and I'm wanting to crawl in his crib and nap! I could use your prayers on this one....a prayer for my endurance....and a prayer for Ethan to learn to "let go" and nap!

06 August 2009

that's how I roll...

talking tummy time

04 August 2009

picture overload...

I recently spent almost 3 hours at Wolf Camera getting over 600 pictures developed. I started with 950 and edited them down to around 600. It is my goal to get them in chronological order, in an album, labeled, and uploaded to our external hard drive. Now, where do I find the time to do this? If anyone has any suggestions....maybe a little starbucks will get me started. Here's hoping! I think I'm in over my head!

9 weeks....

Ethan and Mommy at the doctors office

Getting my length taken....

this is what made mommy cry! poor baby

Ethan and Alex playing in the floor

Ethan at his first party....little party animal!

Ethan and Daddy at Charlotte's Birthday Party

Ethan at Church for the first time

9 weeks

9 weeks

my first party favor! check out my whale!

This week Ethan had his 2 month check up with his pediatrican. Here are his stats....

Weight: 11 pounds 13 ounces (54 percentile)

Length: 23 inches (49 percentile)

Head circ: 15.59 inches (36 percentile)

Which also means....he got his immunizations. Three shots to be exact. It broke my heart to watch. Even though I administer immunizations at work, it is different when it is your own baby. The poor nurse had to ask me if I was okay! I was a little embarrased....

Ethan also attended his first birthday party this week! One of his friends, Charlotte, celebrated her 1st birthday! We had a great time! He slept 90% of the time, but woke up in time for singing and cake. We wish Miss Charlotte a happy birthday!

Last Sunday we took Ethan to church for the first time. He seemed to love the singing as it lulled him to sleep. I was impressed with how good he was during the service. Fingers crossed he will continue to like the singing!