28 February 2011

the road not taken...

Back in my freshman college days I was on the direct path to work in the medical world.  I was knee deep in biology books but needed more hours to keep my scholarship.  I needed a filler class and found myself in an interior design class with all junior/senior students who were all majoring in design of some sort.  Needless, to say my direct path forked into two and I stood in the middle...... for a while.  While studying abroad for a summer, I interned at QVC UK with the set designer and found myself touring the not-so-touristy places with a several quid in my pocket and list things to buy for a set.  What an amazing experience to say the least.  

Back in the US I realized, "if you want to starve, you will be a designer...." {thanks for advice dad!}.  Luckily, I knew immediately as I met with a nursing director that nursing was a perfect fit.  I love my job, however, some days I can't help but to dream about going to a beautiful office like the photo above to work on making someone's house their favorite space.  

This is an office of a designer based out of Atlanta.  


26 February 2011

Goodnight Moon the Play...

Today we took Ethan to see Goodnight Moon at the Nashville Children's Theatre with his cousins.  It was the very first book I read to Ethan and I was thrilled to take him to see the play.  This was his very first play and I was nervous how well a 21 month old little boy would handle sitting for a period of time.  He did great!  He sat the most still I have ever seen him be while awake and only moved to clap or sway when music came on or to hold Maddie Mae's hand.  It would recommend anyone with small children to check it out if you live in the area.  

Ethan and Mommy all smiles before leaving the house

waiting on the show, there was a ventriloquist and crafts

the show is about to start...taking our seats

Ethan ran back in after the show was over.  He loved it!

Car ride home

Pinkberry treats afterwards


3 little men....

21 February 2011

clean day....

Cleaning....it is something we all have to do.  I recently tried Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products and fell in love.  First of all, they smell so good, they actually make you want to use them!  I just wish I had found them sooner so I thought I'd share my good find with you.  I bought mine from soap.com and love how they magically arrive at my door without having to bundle my little man up in his winter gear for trip #3 to target for the week.  I must say their candles are amazing too.  Spring cleaning may actually smell like a flower this year.  


18 February 2011

wishful thinking...

Today I am at work wishing I were home drinking this tea and reading on my ipad.  Instead in my oh-so fashionable danskos {although I love them dearly}.  Sigh....   maybe tomorrow.  


17 February 2011

our valentines...

Valentines Day in our family has a little tradition that I started when David and I were newly weds:   Ridiculous balloons.  Plain and simple I love to find the most ridiculous balloon I can find.  Last year,  I found a balloon with a monkey wearing boxers with hearts on them that {no kidding} matched a pair of Davids....so I had to have that one.  This year I found this monkey balloon where their tails twist to form a heart.   I also found a Thomas the Train balloon for my littlest valentine.  David gave me the good ole fashioned huge heart shaped balloon.  It is safe to say our house now resembles the Macy's Thanksgiving parade!

I must say that as a mommy I find each holiday to be bigger and brighter with Ethan.  We started our Valentines celebration early with strawberry cupcakes with sprinkles made by little bear himself.  No kidding-he mixed the batter, broke the eggs, turned on the mixer, and sprinkled the sprinkles.  He gave them to our neighbor friends {the snow didn't allow for our plans to drop a few by M&C or P&K's house}.  I think I have quite the little chef on my hands. 

On a sweeter note, David surprised me with a couples massage!  I was shocked.  I have asked him for years to get a massage with me and he has always declined.  I can NOT WAIT to book it!  Isn't Valentines Day just lovely?

little bear's bear feet

14 February 2011


"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep
because reality is finally better than your dreams."  
 ~ Dr.  Seuss

Happy Valentines Day, Love!  


11 February 2011

Ethan and his Papa....

I was recently organizing photos into albums online of ethan when I came across these.  Just a few cute photos of Ethan hanging out with his Papa.

 checking out Papa's hair...which he did manage to mess up.  
My dad always has a brush on him, no worries!


walking to see Papa's boat

10 February 2011

winter's slumber...

So remember that project I mentioned about cleaning out our closet and dressers?  Well...I have slowly been working on it.  It has been put on hold while I get over my little sinus infection.  I have been taking every opportunity to curl up in bed and read on my iPad for 5 minutes until I fall asleep.  Remember that post about 30 before 30?  Well #9 can be crossed off the list.  Anyhow, I think I am on the upswing...and well rested!

Anyhow, if you are looking for a good book to read, I am reading Promises to Keep by Jane Green.  I love that every chapter ends with a recipe.  There is one in particular I can't wait to try out.  Lets just say there are loads chocolate and it is called the Neiman Marcus Chocolate chip cookie.  


05 February 2011

20 Months....


Wow...Ethan is now 20 Months old.   It sounds so old when I say it out loud!  The truth is...he is getting to be such a big boy!  We have starting looking at day schools for him to start in the fall.  I realized how big he is when he wanted to join in the classrooms with the other kids during our tour.  He was so excited to be there and see all of the other children.

This month I leave with you just a few photos.  Last night was date night, which for Ethan means a sleepover with his cousins.  So I need to get going so I can pick up my baby bear!  It is way to quiet in this house this morning!

 sweet feet on his new stool (hopefully key to potty training)
 on the phone

 having a wild hair day today....works for the let's rock tee
 running everywhere

 still loving to read

little prep for the library

construction on both lots beside our house= constant entertainment

Cooking muffins with mom