24 October 2013

this October day...

this October day marks the third day that the hubby has been gone.  
in all honesty..I don't dread him going on his annual hunting trip.  I
think the 'only child' in me enjoys the alone time.  Each year
I tackle something big...potty training or marking 90% of the Christmas
shopping off my list.  however October seems a bit early to Christmas shop.  I must
admit its kind of driving me crazy...not having a big project to accomplish.  

today I dressed the kids up in their halloween costumes to take a few photos.  
halloween eve always is busy with and brewing with excitement, so its hard
to get a few good shots and be in the moment.  we had the best time running
around, middle of the day dressed up, just being silly, laughing.  its true what
they say...the simple things in life are the best.  

so if it rains on halloween {60% chance here as of today} it will be okay.
my halloween was made today.  just me and my boys.  hearing them
laughing at each other, leaves crunching under their feet, was perfect.

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08 October 2013

Gentry's Farm...

one of my favorite things to do in the fall is to visit my favorite pumpkin patch.  
I always think back to the years before and think about how life
has changed since we first came here with an itty bitty Ethan.   

i love how thanksgiving comes right after fall...
it is during the fall that I start to slow down and see
how much I have to be grateful for.  

Ethan's new favorite "face"

02 October 2013

brother like brother...

my boys at 19 months...I used to think they looked totally different...
one brown eyes, one light blue.  One blonde the other light brown.  
but these days they look and act more alike everyday.  

01 October 2013

finally its fall...

its here...its finally here!  Its no secret fall is my favorite season and 
with it this year I have become unproductive.  I can't seem to keep
up with the laundry and grocery shopping.  Instead I am
potting mums, taking the kids to the zoo, fall shopping, watching too
much tv (our new fav), and taking the boys on walks.

Last weekend we celebrated two birthdays at a local vineyard.  I brought 
They were pretty yummy if I say so myself.

I recently made these Nutella brownies which seem to be a hit with the kids and adults.  
they were perfect for a neighborhood grill out!  Just grab and go.  

I have had too much fun ordering the boys fall clothes.  I shop online and only 
with a promo codes!  I saved 35% off everything I ordered from Gap Kids.  I must
say I can't get enough of their colored jeans for the boys.  However, 
mini Boden hold my wallet in their hands!  They are my all time fav.