30 September 2011

wish me luck...

Today and tomorrow our neighborhood is having a yard sale.  
Wish me luck that I sell our once loved items and turn them into some much needed 
panels for my bare windows!  

25 September 2011

the first day of fall...

On the first day of Fall Ethan and I...
made a pancake breakfast,
shopped for apple cider,
bought mini pumpkins, and
made these hand print trees with our friends
all while sipping a pumpkin spiced latte.

I wore Lincoln Park After Dark polish on my nails,
went on a walk with David at dusk,
made dinner in the crock-pot,
and wore my boots for the first time this season.

Can you tell I love fall?

18 September 2011

bye bye paci...

last picture with paci and lovie

Friday was a bittersweet day for our us...it was the first time every I put Ethan down for a nap or bedtime without his pacifer.  I knew the time had come for him to give it up.  I couldn't decide on how to take it away:  loosing it, cutting holes in tips of them, putting them in a build-a-bear....I'd even heard of some people giving them to the paci fairy.  We decided to leave the paci at the zoo for a baby animal.

last bedtime with a paci

We spottted a baby Gibon immediately and I asked him if he wanted to leave it for the baby monkey.  I was surprised at how he took it out of his mouth with a smile, hopped out of the stroller, and walked over and left it on the fence.  I would be lying if I said there weren't tears hidden behind my sunglasses.  After a few goodbyes and photos we took off see the other animals.  I asked a lady to toss the paci left on the fence when she realized what was going on. 

bye bye paci

I later tossed all of his other paci's in the trash so I knew I wouldn't have any at home if things got rough later.  The funny thing was that we would run into that lady at other exhibits and she would kindly ask If we had changed our mind.  She said it broke it her heart!   She never tossed it, she said she kept it in her pocket and couldn't throw it away.

checking out the animals

Naptime had a few tears, partially due to the our cat nap in the car.   But bedtime went smoothly after running nonstop at his school social that night.  I guess it has been a while since I've had to wean anything from Ethan.  David and I both decided it was kind of a sad process, but needed.  However it is sweet to see those sweet lips when he sleeps now:)  He has done great over the weekend without it.  I think the hardest part was deciding when to take it away.  Oh...and we are keeping the lovie!

riding the new train at the zoo

"All Aboard" smiles!  Best $3 I've ever spent:)

worn out after a day at the zoo

15 September 2011

I don't know...

I don't know about you but I can't wait to see the movie I Don't Know How She Does It.  I read the book long ago in my college days, but now as a working mother I should probably re-read it.  After watching the movie trailer about Kate Reddy {aka:  Sarah Jessica Parker} laying in bed at night making "the list" multitaking....I knew I had to go see the movie.  I know personally I try to still cook/clean/bake/be a crafty mom/fun wife, but most days I have trouble stringing two sentences together.  I fell in love SJP during her Sex and the City Days and can't wait to watch this film...

13 September 2011

baby items...

I am starting to get the itch to start shopping for the baby.  Especially after spending the day with a friend and her new baby Miles.  These are just a few things on my list already...

baby Gap First Favorites

new diaper bag

Little Giraffe Blanket (one of my favorite gifts of Ethan's)

a lovie for the baby

Sophie Teether

12 September 2011

Ethan lately...

Lately Ethan has been a nonstop jumping, always casting his fishing pole {yes in the house near the china}, mine-o-saur, dancing machine, and ice cream sandwich sneaking little boy.  He is finally adjusting to day school with less tears at drop off thank goodness.  This momma could hardly take the tears and cling wrapped toddler anymore!  David and I both felt torn between "he is only two maybe it is too early but he is already talking much more and learning so much" topic.

I am loving how helpful he has become at this age.  He loves helping me in the kitchen.  We recently baked homemade oatmeal raisin cookies.  I was amazing at how long it held his attention since it took quite some time.

David and Ethan spend the weekend getting our lawn ready for fall.  After David aerated the lawn, Ethan helped toss the grass seed on the lawn.  He then helped me plant a few fall flowers and bulbs in the back yard.  I can't wait for fall!

 yummy watermelon

 someone found his way into the freezer to eat an ice cream sandwich all before 6:50 am

he has no idea how to use a shovel:)

after bath smiles

Nana Time

Ethan's favorite shoes...
rainy day paint day

Sunday we hosted a Grandparents Day Breakfast.  Ethan loved having Nana and Papa over for the morning!  We missed Grandpa and Grandma:(  They were on the west coast for a family wedding and couldn't make it.  Ethan is fortunate to have such amazing grandparents!  

07 September 2011

Two's the charm...

That is right!  We are expecting baby #2 in February.  We are over the moon excited!  I personally can't wait to see Ethan as a big brother.  He is currently fascinated with babies.  We find out if it is a boy or girl in 4 short weeks.  We feel so blessed!