26 October 2012

pumpkin spice...

Well fall is here in all its glory in Tennessee, my favorite time of year.  Everyone in our neighborhood has gone all out with their mums, pumpkins, and Halloween spooks on their front porch.  Everytime Ethan goes outside he returns home with leaves for everyone...they just happen to be the one's that aren't so pretty lets say:)

We have a weekend planned full of fun fall things.  I have lost my voice to to laryngitis, which means it will be super fun keeping up with my 3 year old at these events without the ability to yell or speak in general for that matter.  However, I can't wait to put these little booties on Bennett to keep his tosies warm!  Happy Fall ya'll!

24 October 2012

good dental heath...

starts with your older brother brushing your 
"tooth" for the first time...

 "What's he doing mom?"  
 B:"Mom do you see this? Why aren't you stopping it?"
B: "Well, that kinda feels good to my gums."
E:  "Say ahhh Bennett."

 B:  "just don't shove it down my throat, okay?"
E:  "high five Bennett, good job!"

Bennett got his first tooth this weekend!  Ethan was so excited about Bennett getting his tooth brushed, he begged and begged to do it.  Bennett was a good sport:)  

17 October 2012

a little slow down...

Life with two is sweet, busy, and exciting.  As an only child I have always been nervous to be a mom to two kiddos.  That tricky art of balancing your time with theirs.  The one thing I am learning more and more everyday is how busy our children are as they grow up, a lot more than we were as kids.  Having friends and family with kids that are older I watch all the activities take place...soccer, swim, gymnastics, ballet, brownies, etc.  They are wonderful things, but it can all be a bit......much.....sometimes.  So right now I am taking advantage of those days where we aren't up, dressed, and rushing out the door for school before the 8 oclock hour.  I am trying to soak in the days where we are on our schedule....letting the kids nap when they need to, play when they want to, and eat when they are hungry.  I know this time is fleeting.  When Ethan was a baby we worked so hard getting him to have a nap schedule.  Bennett on the other hand loves his schedule....but it can be tricky balancing story time at the library for Ethan and Bennett's nap.  So today we are skipping the stuff and will be home letting the kids be on their own play schedule.  It is like I told my friends last night, "we are so busy with our kids, but if we weren't we would be bored out of our minds."

15 October 2012

Ethan's gone Banana's...

This year Ethan is in the "Bananas" Class at school.  He is still quite a little character as you can tell from the photo above!  He now says things like "rock on"  all the time.   Here are just a few photos over the last few weeks...

 still loves that ole sandbox
 loves to make homemade play dough and will
play with it 10x more than regular play dough
Soccer Player!  Notice who's the sponsor?
Nice work Dad!

playing with neighborhood buddies....

best buddy Bennett

Ice cream social at school

driving to school mom!  Notice the backpack?

Lucky Ladd Field trip...giving the group a nice demonstration:)

feeding lambs

"if I could just turn it on..."

 not so sure about this one
tonkas+corn= happy boy

playing in the "barn"

little pumpkin

Bennett first field trip:)  

my hot date at the movies!  we saw Finding Nemo 3D.  He loved it!

08 October 2012

sweet 6 months...

Bennett's 6 Month Photo by Tarrah

Tap Tap, is this thing on?  Sorry I'm way behind on blogging.  I've heard your requests for updates on the boys.  I'll start with Bennett this morning....

Let's just say 6 months was sweet.  So sweet I'd love to freeze him at this age {night wakings and all}.  He is so interested in Ethan.  One of my daily prayers is for the boys to love each other not only as brothers, but as best friends.  So far, the first thing out of Ethan's mouth in the morning when he sees me is, "where is Bennett?"  Bennett definitely gives Ethan his biggest laughs and smiles and is always trying to catch Ethan's eye.  

Bennett started rice at 6 months and didn't like it so much.  We moved on to solids and he has loved them and now eats 3 times a day.  So far he loves everything, except green beans.  He naps around 9 am and 1 pm.  He occasionally sleeps through the night, but not so much most nights.  {Yes, we are very tired parents in this house}

Here is Bennett's 6th Month in pictures:

Weight: 17 pounds 4 oz 41%
Height:  26 1/2 inches 37%
Head Circumference: 42.6 cm 24%

cuddling with Nana

spending lots of time on the soccer field watching big brother
play soccer 
learning to master solids and a sippy cup...

giving up the big laughs for Ethan.  this warms my heart:)

being a good sport and sporting a band aid just because Big Brother 
thought he needed one...on his face no less

mastering sitting alone

loving tummy time

6th month chair photos...loving those feet

"What is Mommy making me do?"

blowing bubbles

Tickles from Ethan in our first matching tee shirts

yep...driving my car

eating solids and smiling

jumping in the jumperoo..
he might jump before he walks!

first matching PJ's.  Mommy's little pumpkins

sitting up for bath time...not so happy about this

He is now scooting all over the place,
Where is Bennett?  He has scooted backwards and 
is now stuck under the table

and all smiles!