28 May 2011

The road to Hana....and beyond

Today we took a little road trip upcountry to Hana. Hana is a small town in the middle of the rainforest on the southeast coast of Maui. You get there on a one lane twisty road said to have more than 600 turns. This is a trip you take without the destination in mind...it is the journey there. We found several gorgeous waterfalls, beautiful flowers, amazing trees, beautiful coastline, and lots of "David be careful."

Ke 'anae coastline

Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree

The road PAST Hana

So as we reached Hana we decided to drive past Hana and take a different road home. We got nervous and turned back around. The road was unpaved and very much "off the beaten path.". Then we asked a park ranger after David really wanted to take this route , and she said it is passable by any car.....so we turned around to try again! After a nervous moment or two we were so glad we took the road less traveled. It was completely different than the road into Hana...very mountainous with beautiful valleys. Let's just say the cows here have no idea of the view they have.

This is a view of Haleakala. No matter how many photos I took, they just didn't do it justice.

We were exhausted after a day of driving. We made it back in time for Ethan to stretch his legs for a long run on the beach and an early bedtime:).

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25 May 2011


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24 May 2011

Come sail with me...

Let's just say his Papa will be proud of his sea legs...

23 May 2011


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17 May 2011

big blooms...

My peonies David planted for me last year look like they are getting ready to bloom! I'm hoping they hold off until we return from our little vacation to bloom just in time for our anniversary....

15 May 2011

put your listening ears on...

As mothers we are always attempting to teach our kids:  manners, right from wrong, letters, numbers, colors, the list goes on and on.  We are always trying to get our toddlers to listen to us and our directions whether it is not to run into the street or asking them what is the color of their balloon.  I stumbled across an article  while reading at lunch and it made me stop and think.  I always expect Ethan to be a good listener for me, but do I always listen well to what he is trying to tell me {trying is operative word here}?  This article made me think a little...

08 May 2011

infant swim: week 3 & 4

Infant swim is going well!  Ethan is now working on the harder skills of the program.  Ethan's swim teacher was in a triathlon on Saturday so Friday we didn't have swim.  So I took Ethan to the rec center to swim.  This was the first time we swam without his swim teacher in the water with us after starting infant swim.  We had such a blast!  He really seems to enjoy the water.  I even got Ethan to wear a pair of swim googles for the first time.  I have to get a photo of him wearing them!  An almost-two year old in a pair of speedos googles with all that blonde hair sticking up everywhere....so adorable!  

Ethan swimming with his swim buddy

working on resting (floating)


mother's day...

Today I feel so lucky to have been able to spend the day with my own mum, David, and Ethan.  I was scheduled to work and someone traded with me to be off!  Yes, amazingly nice...  Any of you who have worked a holiday and have spent them away from your children understand how excited you to just be with them on days like today.

And what a gorgeous day it turned out to be.  We had a yummy breakfast with my mum, quick trip to Home Depot for new shrubs, and an afternoon barefoot in the backyard.  The big excitement of the day was to find 4 baby geese (goslings) swimming in line between a momma and daddy goose!  So sweet.

so excited to have his water table out again

Ethan's new "say cheese"  photo face

Alex always happy to be where the family is

"Just give me my paci  mommy, I'm ready for a nap"

Two seconds later.  Oh, the magic of a paci and lovie.  
We may be sending Ethan to college with these two items...

I once heard you never truly appreciate or understand your own mother until you have children of your own.  Happy Mother's Day to our Moms...we love you!