29 July 2011

splish splash...

Love my water baby!  

28 July 2011

Oh Canada...

Notice the lack of posts lately?  Well, we have spent two weeks of the month of July away from our home.  We had our hardwood floors refinished and had be out of the house for one week.  We were lucky to have great family to let us stay with them and cook for us and watch Ethan while we worked.  A major thank you to Jessica and Stephen!  Oh and Maddie and Callie who taught Ethan how to say "rella" for Cindarella {Callie style of course}and walk in high heels {don't tell David}.  After moving everything downstairs out and back in again after a good scrub, David and I both agree it was worth every second.  We are pleased with how the floors turned out. 

The second week we spent a week in Canada camping alongside two lakes.  David's family has been going to this particular camp site for 4 generations now that Ethan and his cousins have gone.  A week without running water, toilets, electricity, and cell phones is quite the change of pace than what we are all used to.  However, I must say at night when the kids are all finally sleeping, I loved sitting around talking, eating, playing games with everyone.  No text messages interupting...everyone needs a little disconnect sometimes to connect I think.
ethan at the airport at 4am ready to head home

Ethan was quite the adorable fisherman.  Spiderman fishing pole and all, he had quite the mean cast.  David and I couldn't get over how excited he was to go fishing with his "pole" as he called it and hold the fish to toss them back into the water.  He through more rocks than I can count and loved the water.

We are home again and getting settled before more changes come our way.  Our bear cub is now a big two year old and heading off to dayschool this fall.  We are also in the midst of changing nannies so a prayer for this change would be appreciated.

03 July 2011

Sunday funday....

Ethan and Daddy are out having another one of their "Sunday Fundays!". I love how David keeps Ethan entertained while mommy works. So sweet!

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