29 February 2012

Bennett's Birth Day...

I wanted to share a few photos of our new baby boy Bennett.  My water broke with Bennett at home around 7:40 am.  After a few phone calls and kiss bye to Ethan, off we went to the hospital.  I had told David I was certain it would snow the day I went into labor despite the mild winter....and it did just as I settled into my L&D room.  Before I knew it, I was holding Bennett in my arms amazed that God had blessed us with a second baby boy.  David and I are smitten with our new love and how it feels to be a family of four.  

holding my two boys for the first time moments after Bennett's Birth.
My heart was so full of love I thought it would pop.  

settled into our postpartum room later that night right after Bennett's first bath

our first morning with Bennett

first of many midnight feedings (in the hospital)

Ethan holding "little brother" for the first time.  He was so thrilled

preparing for discharge...this photo is one of my favorite photos of all time.
I get teary eyed every time I see it

ready to go mom & dad

leaving the hospital

home at last...outside of the belly

23 February 2012


Bennett Stone
8 pounds 13 ounces
20 inches
February 19th, 2012

16 February 2012

Ethan lately...

I wanted to share these photos of Ethan.  If you can't tell, he is quite the little character.  He is such a charming, loving little boy.  I wake up literally every day with a sweet kiss from this little man and a "morning mommy."  We are quite smitten with the joy he brings.  He has been busy lately...

making funny faces

is now using real tooth paste that you "spit" out

helping mommy prepare for baby brother...yep he still fits in the bassinet

going to the library on many rainy days

he can now catch the cat while dressed as "Woody" from Toy Story

wore this hat to school for Hat Day:  Gotta love Waffle House!

Finally got inducted into the Potty Club at School...what took them so long?

will still smile at Mom's request

now walks into school with a smile and a hug.  photo taken on Valentines Day

posing with his Valentines Balloon...I buy the craziest balloons I can find every year

opening his Valentines Gift:  Little Einsteins Videos!  His latest obsession

sleeps in a big boy bed.  More photos to come as I finish the room

14 February 2012

sending my love...

Happy Valentines Day.  Today  I will be spending it getting a sneak peak at our 
baby boy before he arrives! and stealing kisses from these two guys!

11 February 2012

I'm "wild" for you...

This is the very first Valentines Card Ethan will be handing out at school 
on Tuesday.  He got to pick these glasses out at school for his good behavior:)  
He thought they were pretty awesome...

10 February 2012

Dogwood Homes...

Many of you know that my husband is a homebuilder.  Last year he started his own company Dogwood Homes.  Today David closed on another home he designed, performed the selections on, and built.  I just wanted to brag a little on what an excellent job he does and how hard he works.  Building homes is certainly his passion.  

09 February 2012

baby bump photos...

I can't believe I am two short weeks away {or less} from meeting this sweet baby boy.  Pregnancy was slow initially, but as soon as the morning sickness subsided it has flown by.  Unlike with my pregnancy with Ethan everything was documented week to week, I haven't with this one.  My sweet friend Tarrah took a few baby bump photos for us.  So here is what I will remember about this pregnancy:

CRAVINGS  initially- the more salt the better.  Now I just want milk:  cereal or french vanilla yogurt

KICKS This little man moves way more I than ever remember his big brother moving.  Ethan has belly laughs watching my belly move at night.  I can't wait for them to laugh together:)  He is very active every night around 9:30pm so I am expecting him to be wide awake at that time after his arrival.

SLEEP  I have napped every given chance.  But this time around reflux has been there especially after I drink my nightly cup of milk.  So far still snoozing into the night

POSITION  Towards the end I am almost certain I have a little baby booty right up under my right ribs--- just like big brother was.  

NAMES  I believe David and I have finally picked a name this week.  Not a minute too soon either:) 

SIZE OF THE BABY:  I had a bump what seemed immediately...then it slowed down.  Ethan was a surprising 9 pounds 1 ounce.  I am thinking this baby won't be as big--- but we will see!

BELLY BUTTON:  out and has been 

BIG BROTHER/LITTLE BROTHER  One question I get over and over is "if Ethan gets it."  Yes, I would say he does for sure.  He randomly comes up and asks if "baby brother moving or sleep."  Or he will start taking to my bump in his form of baby talk.  In the morning little brother already get a kiss good morning as I stumble out of bed.  As a mother my heart couldn't be any warmer to already see a bond there.  I never expected Ethan to talk so much about "baby brother" every day.  

NURSERY  We are still finishing up the nursery.  I think it took a while to get it together because we needed to transition Ethan out of the crib and into a big boy bed.  No worries--our sweet bassinet is ready and waiting on the baby and baby boy has more clothes than one baby could wear.  

WAITING:  Ethan asks almost every day if the baby is coming today.  I wish I could say my bags are packed but they aren't!  Maybe, I'll do that today...