23 September 2010

nook nook....who's there

My answer to the last post: I think I would go with the nook. The price and the cute covers sold me. Who wouldn't want a Kate or Jack Spade cover?

20 September 2010

what are you reading......on?

The question used to be what book are you reading. Now, lately everyone is talking about what device they use to read. I have been interested in the the Kindle, but of course, my loyalty remains with Mac and the iPad. I've never known Mac to go wrong, however, the iPad is pricey. I don't own an e-reader, but have thought about getting one. I would love to be able to read at lunch without holding a book. However, would I miss holding a book and feeling the pages? I would love the convenience of buying a book while sitting on the beach or in bed at night after just finishing one. Although, I love placing a book I just finished on my bookshelf. I'm torn. For now, I'm sticking with my library card.

19 September 2010

the blog hop...

Well, do you? Blog hop that is. This is what I call looking at one blog and then clicking on a link to another blog. I can find myself sitting for hours (well... as long as a toddler naps) blog hopping design blogs. Tonight, I came across the blog "Pink Wallpaper." I fell in love with some on the photos/inspirations on it. Just check out this kitchen:
There is just something calming about it I love. Or could you imagine this as your wedding reception after an outdoor country wedding...
If all playrooms looked this stylish and tidy all the time....
This photo reminded me of Ethan. I can see him looking something similar to this (shaggy hair) when he is older reading after a day at the beach.

This dress reminds me of my mom. I can't see polka dots without thinking about my mom. She loves polka dots and even has a pair of polka dot heels that I loved as girl.

So if you don't blog hop, give it a try. Look at right side of my blog under "daily reads." Just click and go. I know I can sit for hours browsing blogs on home design. Let me know how it goes and what you find.

16 September 2010


Many of you have heard me talk endlessly about photos: taking photos, storing photos, arranging on albums....... Anyhow, I finally took the plunge (thanks to an online coupon) and joined smugmug. It is an online website where you "backup", share, and order your photos. The main reason I joined was to have my photos stored in a safe place if my computer crashed or my external hard drive (where I used to keep photos) was stolen or damaged. It is my hope that it will serve as place to share my photo with family and you can order your own prints (if you want!). So family....be on the look out for emails from "smugmug" and please send me feed back if you try to order prints, view my albums, etc. Here goes....

15 September 2010

grandparents day 2010...

Last weekend we celebrated Grandparent's Day on Saturday. To honor Ethan's Nana, Papa, Grandma, and Grandpa we made a breakfast complete with pancakes and homegrown watermelon. It was just a small way to show our thanks for having such GREAT parents that Ethan can call grandparents! Ethan sends his love and one of his special blow kisses your way.

wine and art...

Last Saturday, my mother-in-law, two sister-in-laws, and a friend decided we needed a girls day. We spent the afternoon strolling through the Botanical Gardens at Cheekwood where Chihuly art is displayed throughout the gardens. I first became familiar with Chihuly's glass art when I saw it displayed at the Atlantis in the Bahamas. I was excited when I heard it was on exhibit at Cheekwood and the Frist. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon....strolling through a garden with art hidden throughout it. We had a great time! In fact, I can't wait to take David and Ethan back to Cheekwood at night to see the glass light up! Although the photos are great, I would encourage you to go walk the gardens. Photos don't do it justice.

Lunch at the Pineapple Room at Cheekwood
We ended the day at Arrington Vineyard. I mean, you need to sit and reflect on the art, right? And what better way than over a glass of wine! This photo was taken at the wine tasting we did at the vineyard. Our favorite was the dessert Raspberry wine what is served with chocolate raspberry truffles. Yum! Thanks girls for a lovely day!

14 September 2010

paint colors....

We have been having some amazing weather as we approach fall. As we slowly pack up the water toys, splash tables, and swimmies we secretly wonder what are we going to do outside with the kids, right? Well, I am finding it is the perfect weather and place to get those messy crafts in like finger painting with a 15 month old. Check out Ethan's first painting creation:

05 September 2010

shark bites and baseballs...

Last weekend we made a much needed trip to Atlanta to see Grandma and Grandpa. We drove down on Saturday morning and made a stop at the Georgia Aquarium. Aunt Whitney and Jon met us there. Ethan loved the aquarium:) He seemed to really enjoy the belugua whales as I recited the entire book of "Baby Beluga and the Deep Blue Sea" to him. They were really playful.

getting some of his energy out after the drive! Daddy can barely keep up

i love this photo of Ethan and Aunt Whitney....hate that it is blury
whale shark (you can see a scuba diver in the bottom)

I love this photo:)

"good thing my stroller reclines....I'm wiped out!"

Ethan loves his Grandma's Fiesta....

Sunday we took in an amazing Braves Game. We literally sat right behind home plate and were so close we even got a few smirks from the Marlins players as we teased them as they were going up to bat. We dined on lamb (well David did anyhow), french fries, mushrooms, crab rolls, coronas, and bloody mary's. The "good" seats were made even better as the Braves tied up the game in the bottom of the ninth, and McCann hit a home run to win the game! Amazing! I think Grandma and Grandpa were probably more exhausted than the players as they kept Ethan while we enjoyed the game:)

04 September 2010

a boy and his dog....

anytime Alex is outside, Ethan will pout until the dog is back inside

Alex's first swim in his new pond
I think this is a smile....what do you think?
He wouldn't get out

03 September 2010

15 Months...

I think Ethan looks more like a boy than baby in this photo

15 Months and off we go! With Ethan's boundless energy, I think I fall into comas at night when my head hits the pillow. Here are a few things that describes Ethan at 15 months:
~weight 25 pounds 58%
~length 31.75 inches 71%
~will point to several body parts when asked: stomach, toes, nose, etc
~starting to feed himself with a spoon
~reading books are still his favorite (my fingers are crossed it stays this way)
~will watch tv (barney, wiggles) for 10 minutes at most
~says "da da da" all the day long....
~prefers to be outside
~still taking 2 naps...he points to his crib in the morning
~I tried going to the YMCA this week and putting Ethan in the daycare there. I was thrilled to be back in Pilate's class. 20 minutes into they called my cell because baby boy was still crying. I felt so guilty! Our pediatrician says to try and try again. I'm not sure I can....but I do miss Pilate's badly:(
~Ethan's been eating what we eat for dinner...tacos, lasagna, meatloaf. Needless to say the dirty diapers are rock/paper/scissors at our house.

"where is the shark?"

signs of a big boy...scraped knees! Ethan keeps his feet crossed just like his daddy

so proud to be using a spoon by himself....mommy is so loving the clean up afterwards

I'm ready for the pool mom!