24 December 2012

a merry little christmas...

Tonight I've tucked my two little boys in bed wearing 
Rudolph pajamas, left cookies and milk for Santa, 
and stuffed our stockings.  

I'm feeling nothing short of blessed and merry 
as we celebrate Christmas surrounded by those we love.

Have your self a Merry Little Christmas!


14 December 2012


You would never know judging by the photo...

1 blow out diaper
 a quick, emergent run to Janie and Jack 
waiting in line for 15 minutes
 oh, Santa needs  lunch break for over an hour
 a 45 minute wait in line
it is now nap time
 smiling boys with Santa

13 December 2012

christmas card...

if we had ordered our Christmas Cards one day later this 
would have been it...

I typically spend hours picking the right card and just the right photo
this year I spent a total of 5 minutes.

I guess being a mother of two has made me work on my 
decisiveness a bit!

01 December 2012

december 1st...

looks like it's that time of the year...
this year I'm listening to this
and secretly wishing a golden retriever puppy with 
big red bow pops out of a box this year.