30 June 2011

our beloved alex...

Two weeks ago we lost our beloved dog Alex.  He has been by my side since I was seventeen years old.  Needless to say, I am heartbroken.  

I find comfort in thinking of all the good times we shared.  His first night at home with me, he was taken to the drive-in movie theater to see "My Dog Skip.  He watched the movie, I kid you not.  In highschool, I would rush home and take him to the park to teach him to swim in the creeks and chase the geese.  He was known to jump out of moving trucks to chase the deer.  He posed with me in my senior pictures.  As I went to college, I found myself home on Sundays to visit him.  Every holiday break, he would come stay at the house I rented in college to go see Santa at Petsmart.  I never had to house train him.  He just knew what to do. 

alex and ethan 2010
christmas time 2010

When David and I got married Alex moved in with us and went along the newly wed journey with us.  He immdiately loved our cat Moli.   Alex loved everyone.  He knew we were pregnant with Ethan before any other family member knew.  He sensed it acted out for month.  One of my favorite memories was taking him to Sandestin and watching him swim in the ocean and chase the waves.  David and I took him at 5 in the morning because it was illegal to have your dog on the beach there.  He swam in his fare share of pools too.  He made the House Organ Vanderbilt Pets Edition Magazine at Vanderbilt and was picked as one of the cutest dogs.  He wore a life jacket and would go out on Michaels boat and would smile the entire time.  He sat beside Michael as he passed from this world to another. 

alex the teenage years
maybe a year old or so

fall 2010
summer 2010
this past winter
this past winter

He took to Ethan and loved him.  We were so nervous bringing Ethan home from the hospital to meet Alex, but Alex acted as if he had been there the entire time.  As Ethan grew older he would pull his tail and lay on him. He would lay still as long as Ethan was comfortably rested on him when Ethan had a fever.  When he started walking, he would stay by Ethan's side if I were to step into another room as if to say "it's okay, I've got him."  Alex was happy just to be with the family...  

spring 2011
2007 in Sandestin, FL

 summer 2010
life's a beach...especially when there is a tennis ball in it!

It has taken time for me get this post together.  At first I didn't want to post anything, but then I realized how many people ask about Alex all the time and letting everyone know via blog might be easier {especially in front of a toddler}.  Slowly my sadness is being replaced by gratefulness to have had such a wonderful friend all of these years.  It is amazing how much love a dog can give you.  

28 June 2011

our weekend...

We kicked off our weekend by celebrating our 5th Anniversary.  I honestly can't believe it has been five years since I was standing in a big white dress... barefoot on the beach...saying I do... and squeezing David's hand finding a ring on it for the first time.  

Sunday we added a little fish friend to Ethan's room.  He now has a nice little night light.  And what little boy fish tank would be complete without a truck!

And David kicked off a pretty large home improvement project....wainscoting.  More to come on this later.  Let's just say this weekend-warrior project may last through July!  Oh wait, David says August!  ha ha

I'm mean, what else do you do on yet another rainy weekend?

24 June 2011

It's Friday...

Aren't you so excited?

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23 June 2011

infant swim: and we are done!

Last week Ethan has his official last day of ISR (infant swim resources).  He had completed his checkoff fully clothed and in shoes the week prior.   We wrapped up the class with a fun session with me in the pool, dive rings, and last pieces of advice from his teacher.

I was so thrilled and proud of him and what he has accomplished over the last 7 week or so.  It was definitely  a commitment but worth every second.  He gained so much confidence and countless skills during the course.  I feel lucky to have found out about ISR and find an awesome teacher.

Just today at the pool I watched him spot a toy and jump right of the step to grab to the ball to realize I wasn't standing in the water to grab him.  He turned himself around and kicked back to the step.  I think that was my moment that I realized how amazing the skills are that are taught.  Of course I was right there, but watching my two year old trouble shoot and calmly find his way back was awesome to witness.

Maybe at some point this summer, I can get it together and take some photos at the pool:)  Ethan, we are so proud of you!

18 June 2011

Happy Daddy's Day David...

I must confess that I think my hubbie is a fabulous father to Ethan.  There is nothing more attractive than the man you love being the sweetest Daddy you've ever seen.  Happy Father's Day David!  We love you...

Happy Father's Day to Grandpa, Papa, and Uncle Stephen too:)

07 June 2011

Ethan's Airplane Birthday Party

This weekend we celebrated Ethan's 2nd Birthday with an Airplane Birthday Party.  He has been spotting airplanes for months and after our recent vacation with 4 flights...we were certain "Airplanes" were the way to 'go'!  He would scream and jump at the airport every time one came in for a landing!  It was quite entertaining while waiting on our own plane to arrive.  

We had the party at our home in the back yard.  We had a water table, sandbox, kiddie pool, sprinkler ball,  and more of  Ethan's outdoor toys for all the kids.  I am certain Ethan had a great time at this party! He seemed so excited to see all of his friends and the party decorations after waking up from his nap.    

Every guest received their own "boarding pass" invitation with seat number

Ethan seeing everything set up for the first time...my favorite moment of the party!

fun straws for the lemonade

This hung on our front door welcoming our guests

 us with our big two year old!

the cake


Ethan in the kiddie pool

Jazz and Ethan in the sandbox

Paxton flying a plane

Can you see the airplane in clouds?

Miss Charlotte and her party hat in the sprinkler

Mia and Lexi in their party hats

After the party Ethan's guests went to baggage claim to pick up their party favors

Party favors were cloud cookies

and these balsa wood airplanes

Later that night Ethan tore into his gifts

Ethan's buddy Zane spent the night for their first sleep over!  
This is a photo of them cracking up in their pajamas before bedtime.  

Thank your for everyone who came to celebrate our little bear turning two!  It means so much to have you there to celebrate a 2nd amazing year for Ethan.  We love you all.  

02 June 2011

watch me grow to Two!

0 Months...first chair photo

1 Month

2 Months

3 Months

4 Months

5 Months

6 Months

7 Months

8 months

9 Months

10 Months

11 Months

12 Months

13 Months (oops didn't do a chair photo)

14 Months

15 Months

16 Months

17 Months
18 Months

19 Months

20 Months

21 Months

22 Months

23 Months

Today as we celebrate Ethan's 2nd birthday I wanted to take a look back and see how he has grown. He will always be my baby no matter how big he grows.  Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Bear!  We love you to the moon...and back!