12 June 2014

Calling All Super Heros...Ethan's 5th Birthday

Picking out a theme for Ethan's Fifth Birthday was quite easy this year- Superheros!  The party planner in me could have had a field day with all the fun super hero party things available now.  This was our very first party to not host in our home, which made everything quite simple and limited my super hero decorations!  I just had to learn to "sit on my hands" and watch the My Gym staff do their thing!  We always do a birthday banner for the birthday boy and this year's happens to be one of my favorites.  What can I say, you can't go wrong with Etsy.  This banner will end up in a Ethan's room or playroom.  

We realized Ethan's bike was way to small and gifted him new bright orange bike.  He woke up at 6 am to find it downstairs.  So this momma sipped her coffee and watched a bed headed Ethan riding before anyone was awake in the neighborhood.  


We gave Ethan his first set of golf clubs for his birthday.  The morning before the party David took Ethan to play his first official 9 holes.  I think they both enjoyed it!  However, next time little brother gets to go!  He was bummed when he did go:(  What can I say Bennett lives for sports and the kid is barely two!  We just have to find him left handed clubs.  

The party at My Gym was a blast for all.  The staff keep the kids very entertained from one stunt or game to the next.  Ethan had some of the biggest smiles I've ever seen!  The party favor was the super hero capes I found here which made the super hero party!  Our littlest guest got a pink super hero socks and headband set from Target.  We handed out the favors at the start of the party and kids were precious running around doing stunts with their capes blowing in the wind.  The kids were thrilled to take them home.  Before Ethan blew out his candles we surprised him with this Green Lantern Super Hero costume.  Part of the My Gym Party is coming out on this motorcycle.  We thought it would be fun to dress him up as his new favorite super hero.  Not sure where he learned of the Green Lantern?!  The kids ate chocolate or vanilla cupcakes make by a local baker who seems to nail every cake theme I give her!  After all the fun we took Ethan to his favorite restaurant PF Chang's where he laughed his way through dinner with his cousins.