28 May 2012

3 months...

Can you tell who is who at 3 months?

24 May 2012

datenight gone country...

I love Nashville and I love country music.  Last Friday David and I had a fabulous date night at the Ryman to hear Trace Adkins in concert.  Can I just say the Ryman is my favorite concert venue...it is pretty awesome.  We first had a few apps and drinks at a restaurant as we got a little pre-concert performance and a picture with Trace.  Who knew he was such a funny guy?   

I must say it was so nice to have a date night out with friends and stomp around Nashville in boots.  Thanks to Beth and Cam for a great time.  And a big thanks to Cory for the hook up:)  

My favorite song he sang was Semper Fi.  Click the link and listen....it is pretty fitting for Memorial Day to help remind us what the holiday is about.  The crowd went wild for this one:)

David and I in our boots!  

22 May 2012


This time last year this what my view looked like as I sipped my coffee.  
Please excuse us if we are a little quiet this week as we think back to Maui....

I'm fairly certain my husband would move there in an instant...if it wasn't for me 
holding him back.  Can someone remind me again why?

21 May 2012

something good...

For my Mum who lost her furry best friend 
today. Pets sure do warm our hearts and 
home, don't they?

20 May 2012


Sometimes the best weekends are those with no plans at all!  Banana pancakes, canoe rides, and baby smiles....our Sunday was sunny!

Mr. Stone 12 weeks old

David and Ethan in the canoe in the lake behind our house

14 May 2012

turning pages

Have you noticed my lack of posts lately? I have been nose down into the Hunger Games series. I seriously couldn't put the books down until I finished them all. I have been up waaayyy too late reading for someone with a newborn who likes 4am feedings....and not getting anything else done around the house during the day when the boys nap. It has spurred my love of books back into gear again after sleeping my way through pregnancy with Bennett. This one was a page turner...

Now I'm starting the Fifty Shades of Grey series... every time I turn around it is on the news or someone else is whispering about it.  I wanna read it to find out what all the chatter is about.   

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11 May 2012

my mum

My mum is one of a kind. She is beautiful on the inside and it shows on the outside. She is always there for me...always. She has taught me many things in life...one that stands out the most is to always be nice to people. The quote below about "work hard and be nice to people" pretty much sums up my mom. She does both while being impeccably dressed. She is my best friend. Happy mothers day Mum....I love you.

01 May 2012


A couple of weeks ago David went out of town for a business trip.  He must have really enjoyed his full nights sleep without waking up to a newborn because he came home with the idea to sleep outside in a tent!  He and Ethan decided to go "camping" for the first time in our backyard in a tent.  Ethan was so excited!  He took about 15 books to read and loved wearing a headlamp.  Poor David didn't get any sleep because he was worried about Ethan getting out of the sleeping bag and getting cold.  Finally David fell asleep to find it raining....despite the zero percent chance of rain forecasted.  It took him a minute but then realized it was our irrigation system soaking the tent not rain!  Too funny.  I'm not sure about David but Ethan had the best time!!!