30 April 2009

8 months preggo

I'm currently 34 weeks pregnant. I can't believe we only have a few weeks left! The baby should weigh around 5 pounds now according to a few books I've read. I wonder how much he'll actually weigh when he's born!

28 April 2009

rock-a-bye baby

This post is for everyone who has heard me worry about my rocking chair not arriving in time for baby boy. Well, it's here! It arrived today and I love it! You may notice the ipod in the picture. Yes, baby boy has his own ipod that has been downloaded with lullabies to help him sleep! David and I can't wait until he's here!

19 April 2009

april showers....

This spring April showers brought many baby gifts and good times! Last week I had 3 showers in one week. The first shower was hosted by my aunt and cousins. The second shower was hosted by my friends I work with in the NICU. The third shower was hosted by David's mom, sisters, and aunt. I had the best time chatting with everyone, opening gifts, eating cake, and talking all things baby! A big thank you goes to everyone who came, hosted, and toasted to baby Anderson! David and I feel so blessed to be surrounded with so many wonderful friends and family. Here are just a few pictures from the showers.

Diaper Cake made my mother-in-law
petafores and cookies

his first Master's oufit from Grandpa

David opening a gift from Grandpa and Grandma

Just a few favorite coworkers and their babies!

Girls from Vandy


just a few of my cousins

my mom

12 April 2009

Happy Easter

This year I was scheduled to work on Easter. That didn't stop the nurses from having our fun....we hid Easter Eggs in our patient's rooms for the next shift of nurses to find!!!! The babies received adorable blankets and crochet hats with rabbit ears. They were donated and made from a church and were adorable!!!! We had coconut cake for lunch-which really woke up baby boy! I can't help but to think about next year--when the Easter bunny will be stopping by our house to visit our little one for the first time!


Everyone keeps asking me about the rumored crazy pregnancy cravings everyone thinks you have. I don't think I've had any "wake David up at 2 am for a grocery store run" moments yet, but I thought I'd fill you in on what I've been eating. Cereral....everyday......atleast once, regardless for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! I've always loved cereal, but now I have to have it at least once per day! Raisin Bran with a banana and lots of milk hits the spot! Also, lots of peanut butter sandwiches when I'm at work. They always sound good:) My favorite restaurant to eat at is Baja Burrito. It is a fresh Mexican place with the BEST salsa. Anytime I can come up with an excuse to eat there....I do!

06 April 2009

shopping whirlwind

I was recently told about this consignment sale at the notorious Oak Hill School. Oak Hill School is a private elementary school where all the Bellemeade kiddos go to school. I used to nanny for a family and remember many hours of waiting in the carpool line. The kids families donate clothes, toys, furniture, etc to the consignment sale in order to fund raise for the school. I was told there were adorable kids clothes, toys, diaper bags, etc. So I was so excited to go to the pre-sale with a buddy pass. Never mind, there were tornado warnings and torrential downpours occurring during my 2 hour window to shop! I was armed with a raincoat and my shopping basket...what could I loose? Since we had our last childbirth class at the hospital that night, so David dropped me off at the door and was going to wait in the car while I shopped. I started shopping hitting the 0-6 months baby boy clothing section first. Mission----anything smocked! Oh wait....that is my cell phone ringing...."What? It is hailing? No, there are no windows in here." Next thing I know David is inside telling me to hurry. Then the announcement...."please drop everything and go into the basement due to the weather." What....I have to drop everything I have gathered? So, David and I head in the basement with 200 frantic mothers and their children. Women + walkie talkies=crying kids. After we waited for the storm to pass, we were told we could return to the sale only to pick up the items we are already picked out and check out immediately. Okay, so my hopes of finding a cool diaper bag just washed away this this springs topsoil. Anyhow, my first consignment sale experience was a little bit of a whirlwind. But I did find baby boy a few cute outfits to hang out in his crib in! I think learning to smock may be worth the trouble!