29 May 2013

press rewind...

Okay...so I haven't been blogging like I used to.  I simply got behind and then more behind...and well, I'm a bit overwhelmed at trying to play catch up.  A lot has happened with our little family so I will hit the rewind button via pictures...

Bennett... he has grown so much.  He is now 15 months and has the best laugh.  He has been working on several teeth lately, loves to hold the remote and sit on the couch, can now feed himself the squeeze baby food, and has spent a lot of time playing outside.  Drum roll....he is now a walker!  He has been taking steps but took off walking around 14 months.  I am ashamed to tell you we have practiced walking all over the dirtiest floor imaginable while watching Ethan at swim.  Bennett is a mommas boy but gives his Daddy all of his heartiest laughs.

Ethan... he is a typical boy.  His teacher just told me how he is always finding rolly pollys on the playground and other insects to "bring home."  I was wondering why his finger nails were soooo dirty after a day at school.  He has completed a second season of soccer with David as his coach.  He is a very much a talker and asks "why" about every 3 minutes or so.  When I asked him "why do you ask why after everything I say?"  His response was, "Moooom, I'm a little boy and little boys ask why!  We don't know so we ask."  He is a mess of thick, blond curly hair with his father's eyes.  He is very sweet and yet so brave.  We recently had to have a little spot removed off his neck.  I had to hold him down for the lidocaine injections and the removal.  He was so brave...and treated with ice cream afterwards.  He and Bennett giggle at each other all the time and are now each other's playmate.  Which as a mother is the one of the best sounds I've ever heard...the boys laughing at each other.   Ethan's had two field trips with his school this spring.   He seems to be quite the ladies man...he only talks about the girls!  Ethan has finished his second session of Swim America.  He is now working on strokes.  

Family Vacation...  a couple of weeks ago we took a trip to Ameila Island.  We stayed a fabulous hotel and had a great time.  I swear Ethan just looks as if he grew up on the beach.   He loves the sand, waves, and of course the pool.  Bennett did great at the beach.  He loved gathering the shells and playing with his sand toys.  David and I enjoyed having a glass of wine after dinner and letting the boys run all over this green area.  Ethan and I danced at night to the pianist in the lobby.  We enjoyed our time away!

Around the house... This spring we have been watching a Robin's nest outside of breakfast window in our cherry tree.  It has been the neatest thing to watch the eggs appear, turn into babies, and then grow big!  We have also had some renovation on our barely three year old house.  We decided to rip out our guest bath and remodel it.  Lets just say David has had to be rushed to emergent care and have a few stitches.  The bath is still under construction...and who knows if it will be ready for our Pirate Birthday Party this weekend!  More pics to come on that later!