31 October 2009


Trick or Treating....
this was Ethan while trick or treating! Roar....then snore!

check out my lion tail

our lion pumpkin

Ethan and Daddy after a night of trick or treating

my two little lions

Alex as a lion too!

Ethan's lion paws

"trick or treating" while he was awake

Carving my first pumpkin....eating a little cereal....

our neighbor Donna brought Ethan his first Halloween treats

Ethan helping Daddy carve his "lion" pumpkin

my homemade pumpkin pie

Halloween Playdate from earlier this week.....

Ethan's "roar"
Halloween was such a blast this year with our little lion! Earlier this week Ethan had a play date where all the kiddos wore their costumes. There was a sock monkey, Indiana Jones, cat, two lady bugs, and my little lion! I think Ethan had his eye on one of the lady bugs:)
The night before Halloween, Ethan had his own little treat....BANANAS! He seemed to love them. I can't believe how much fun it is to introduce new food to him and watch his reactions. I just love this age!
On Halloween Ethan helped Daddy carve his lion pumpkin! Our neighbor Donna dropped off a few treats for Ethan! He had the best time playing with the Hershey bars. He fueled up on some rice cereal before heading out to his cousins house for trick or treating fun. Nana even stopped by with Mike to say hello and see Bear all dressed up as a lion. We strolled from house to house as Ethan went from "roaring" to "snoring." His costume worked out well with the cold weather. He stayed toasty warm while we all froze! Alex enjoyed all the attention from fellow trick or treaters. We finished the night with Aunt Jessica's Taco Soup and a nice win by the Vols!

27 October 2009

sneak peak....

full of life...

the blog I should write....

I have decided I should write a blog called..."Scarlett's Adventures with Cooking...What NOT to do." Looking back I have done some funny things in the kitchen attempting to be a good housewife. Four months into our marriage, I decided to make chili for the first time. We were spending all of our spare time working on painting, flooring, trim, etc on our townhouse while living in our little one bedroom apartment. I was so excited to have a "home cooked" meal for David when he got home from working so hard in the townhouse. He took one bite of the chili to find "crunchy beans." I had no idea I needed to cook the beans before adding them to the chili! The good husband he is....he just fished out the crunchy beans and ate the chili anyway!

Steeplechase is a day in Nashville that gives everyone an excuse to have their first cocktail well before lunch! Fresh back from vacation, David and I were so excited to spend the day with friends and family at the race. Whitney (my sister-in-law) was in town for Steeplechase as well. I was planning on a fun day at Steeplechase followed by a homecooked meal for David and Whitney. I was obviously unacustomed to drinking so early in the day..when I failed to (yet again) cook the lasagna noodles before putting them in the lasagna!!!! Crunchy is my specialty I suppose!

Last night while making homemade oatmeal raisin cookies, I was multi-tasking....cooking and talking on the phone with friends. I obviously wasn't paying attention to the recipe. David said the cookie batter tasted "really buttery" before I baked the cookies. I didn't think anything of it until the cookies came out flatter than pancakes! I guess I should lay off the multi-tasking....I only put 1/3 of the flour in the cookies that the recipe calls for! Oh well.....atleast I tried! Only I could mess up a recipe that I have baked atleast 6 times!

I'm beginning to think that old saying, "The way to a man's heart is through is stomach" can't be true! Or atleast I hope not!!!!

09 October 2009

oh where oh where have we been...

first time sitting in high chair

about to eat rice cereal for the first time!

Ethan now loves to sit up in his swing and play with the toys!

his fingers are ALWAYS in his mouth!

my lil' pumpkin

happy boy!

everyone knows I love keds...

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I have been busy watching my little pumpkin glow or should I say grow! I am loving this age with Ethan. He is so much fun....I hate to put him to bed at night, I want to keep him up to play with him. Our days go by faster than the day before! Here is the down and dirty of what he is up to lately:

~We spend our days singing. He just loves to be sang to, which is pretty funny because neither David or I are musical people. Music always calms him down or just makes him smile. Our favorite at the moment is "Wee Sing Halloween." Which I sing to myself nonstop!

~Ethan has started eating rice cereal and is doing great with it. The first day we offered it to him, I had my typical mommy tears....happy to see him grow, sad to see him growing so quickly! He seems so big sitting in that high chair!

~He has found he loves his fingers and sucks his thumb occasionally

~We finally stopped swaddling him. This NICU nurse had a hard time letting this one go, not only that Ethan loved to be swaddled. It took some time for him to adjust having "free hands" when going to sleep, but now he loves it

~He is in love with Alex and Moli. He looks for Alex when we are walking around the house. Loyal Alex is always nearby and Ethan knows this! He always looks to find him when I am putting him in his crib to sleep or walking up the stairs. Alex and Moli stare at Ethan and Ethan stares right back at them! I have been so proud of Moli and Alex for adjusting to life with a baby so well

~David is teaching him how to hold his own bottle

We are super excited about Ethan's 1st Halloween! Look for pictures soon! We have already been busy this week with a fun costume playdate!!!!