24 January 2013

Bennett at 9 and 10 Months...

oh my handsome Bennett is growing oh so fast.  everyday I think "cherish this baby while he is still a baby."  It is no secret that I adore having a wee one in the house.  Bennett has just made our little family  so complete and full of love.  He is a momma's boy and I love it.    

9 and 10 Months were big months for him...crawling, teeth, standing, eating yummy food, loving to play.  I could go on and on.  He has learned to scream at Ethan if a toy is taken away.  It is hilarious!  He can "four wheel drive crawl" over anyone or anything.  He is pulling up to standing and cruising.  Starting to take a step or two with his walker.  

 pulled up standing first time outside of crib
 new smiles
so big!
 too far Ethan!!!
out grew carrier and now in a big boy car seat

cuddles with Daddy

watching Ethan snorkel in the tub

 baby moccasins
10 months chair photo
loves to suck on his lovie

Ethan's new favorite thing is to climb into Bennett's 
crib in the morning if Bennett is crying

love this baby

the sweetest gifts...

I wanted to share a few gifts the boys received for Christmas that were my 
absolute favorite...

Ethan was gifted a Kiwi Crate subscription.  I am self-confessed "non-crafty mom" and was thrilled to hear a perfect little box would appear on my doorstep monthly filled with adorable crafts and all the goodies to make them.  How perfect is this for these long winter days?  Thank you Aunt Jessica and Uncle Stephen!

Bennett was gifted a face and name book by Pinhole Press from his Aunt Whitney.  This was the most thoughtful, sweet gift.  It is a book with a name and a face of his loved ones.  It has all of Bennett's grandparents, brother, cousins, aunts, and uncles.  Precious.  

23 January 2013

holiday recap...

With the holiday bussle I was a little too busy to find time to blog.  We kicked off the holidays withThanksgiving in Chattanooga.  The photo above was takenon Thanksgiving Day.  Christmas came quickly and it was a magical one.  Ethan and Bennett lit up with the spirit of Christmas.  A baby's first Christmas is always special for a momma.  

Charlie our elf was up to his old tricks

i loved having 4 stockings hung on our mantel this year:)

Baby's First Christmas

Santa loves Bruder Trucks:)
 who knew getting a trash truck would be so grand?
 Ethan helping me make Maw-Maw's
homemade biscuits Christmas morning
David love for trains became a slight obession.  We searched high and low
for Grandpa's 1951 train until he turned Grandma's house inside out

fuzzy kisses from Grandpa

Charlie even came to Atlanta to Grandma & Grandpa's house.
He loved Grandma's  famous Frosty Friends bathroom display

Bennett had the best time with my cousin Shannon

The boys Christmas morning!

22 January 2013

Disney Day 3...

Our last day we spent in Magic Kingdom.  We headed straight to Tales with Belle, another highlight of the trip.  Belle reads a story where the kiddos interact and play a part in the story. 

While waiting in line to meet Tinker Bell...my lovely husband left to fetch me breakfast and returned this delicious thing.  A waffle spread with nutella and fruit which was delicious!  If you go to Disney...eat this!

It was my sister-in-law's birthday and I can't think of a better place to celebrate than at Disney World!  For her birthday lunch we were both dying to eat at the Beast's Castle in the Be Our Guest Restaurant.  Disney just does Disney so well....  

After more rides and character high fives, Ethan was jumping in excitement for another parade.  Bennett had just taken a 2.5 hour nap and woke up just in time.  He was so excited for the parade but quickly spotted the wicked step mother and hid behind the stroller as she walked past!  

after a long a nap:)
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We headed to a Luau Dinner at the Polynesian Resort.  The boys and girls all sported their mouse ears

We decided to head back to Magic Kingdom and end our trip with a bang!  We finished our trip with my favorite ride Peter Pan and watched a never ending electric parade.  As you can see, the boys were worn out!