28 May 2014

Bennett's Bowling Birthday Party

Back in February we celebrated Bennett's 2nd Birthday.  What type of birthday party do you have for a toddler who adores {actually obsessed with} any type of ball during the winter months?  A Bowling Party!  Since Bennett is my little shy guy we kept the party small as possible with just immediate family.  We met everyone at the local bowling alley for an afternoon of strikes and spares.  While we bowled my handy crock pot cooked my kid favored meat ball recipe at home.  Everyone then met back at our house for a spaghetti and meat ball sit down dinner.  Keeping Bennett's favorites in mind we had Gigi's Cupcakes in the wedding cake favor for his birthday cake.  The kids wore personalized bowling shirts that they took home as party favors.  The big laugh came at the end of the night when two strangers walked straight into our house into our living room for a party before realizing they were in the wrong house!  I still can't believe my sweet Bennett Stone is two years old.  

he is such a little Mommy's boy and I soak it up! 
party favor tee shirts

Bennett bowling with Daddy

birthday cake

26 May 2014

Memorial Day

We were talking about trying to go out of town last minute for a little beach getaway for the holiday. We decided to stay home and enjoy our new boat "Hook." I'm so glad we did, the boys had a blast and after owning the boat for one year I realized how much fun it is for family time. Watching the boys laugh and play....perfect weekend!

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12 May 2014

Style Me Pretty...

I can't help but to think back to this time last year and our family was prepping for a huge wedding.  While the wedding may not have been large in size, it was a big deal to us to have every single one of us in the family in the wedding and involved.  The wedding was a week event of family time and celebration.  Recently my sister's wedding was featured in little well known blog Style Me Pretty.  You can read the article here.  You should check out the cute shaggy haired little blonde boy in the suspenders!  We had so much fun preparing and celebrating that week.  Hard to believe Whitney and Jon will be celebrating their first anniversary soon.