31 August 2012

it's that time...

I may not be the biggest sports fan kinda gal....
but I sure do look forward to social {hours} it brings!
My husband on the other hand can't wait for kickoff.

And yes every 3rd item of clothing he owns has
some UT orange in it!  

30 August 2012

back to reality....

We are home after a week of island life.  
No matter how good vacation is...it is always good to be home.  

While I'm still uploading the bits of photos taken on vacation...
here is something I want to share if you have an 
early bird for a toddler.  

This little guy was recommended by our pediatrician to teach Ethan to
stay in bed until the alarm clock lights up.  We started the
clock to "wake" at 6:30 am and have slowly 
been adjusting the time backwards with a goal of 7am.  
Yes, we have joked that Ethan wakes up the roosters.  The 
clock also works for "rest" times in lieu of naps that are given up.  
We love this alarm clock!

16 August 2012

Bennett at 5 Months...

Oh my Mr. Bennett is 5 months and we will cruise into his 6th month this weekend.  I must say during his 5th month there was a major shift....a good one.

First let me back up.  Around 3 months there was an inaudible click overnight.  I had sorted out the milk protein and soy intolerance, but something wasn't right.  His temperament and sleeping habits changed....well there wasn't any sleeping going on- just crying.  After 3 visits to our pediatrician office and countless phone calls I finally demanded a GI consult.  The GI doc wanted a few xray studies at Vandy to check his anatomy before he would prescribe a reflux medication, although he felt certain it was reflux.  I could not believe the HOOPS I was going through to get a second opinion and proper medication for my baby.  Finally, after all was said and done we started a reflux medication.  After a week on the medication...we had a different baby.  He was happy, sleeping, and would play!

Why tell you all of this?  I knew something wasn't right with Bennett.  I told David time and time again. "I'm that crazy mom right now, but you know what...I don't care."  And I am glad I didn't stop until I found an answer.  I think the milk protein intolerance caught everyone's attention and just assumed formula was the answer.  I may have jumped through more hoops than an Olympian, but it was worth it to see him smile and play now.  My advice to you...listen to your mom instinct.

So 5 months has been a big deal at our house.  Bennett is at that perfect baby age...he is laughing up a storm, content with his toys, jumping in his jumperoo, working so hard on sitting (loves to tripod), and loves his brother making him laugh.  Now, he is content to play but I find myself just holding him and kissing his sweet chubby feet and legs.  I know the time is fleeting... and I LOVE this baby age.  And I am so thankful to have a baby that isn't in pain anymore!

Bennett loves his fingers and thumb, but still takes a paci.  He now has his very own giraffe lovie that he puts on his face when he sleeps just like Ethan did as baby.  He wakes up in his crib quietly and you just hear his sweet coos in the morning...just like he did when he was a wee little lad.  He still loves his playmat, but now scoots backwards.  He has a schedule now (yay), and follows every bite you take when you eat.  I think he is going to love solids.  His new thing is playing with his feet.  He is eating 6 ounces and wearing 6-9 month clothes.  And last but not least...he is a flirt!

10 August 2012

birthday cake...

Today we welcomed my third niece into the world...
she is absolutely perfect.  

Walking into that hospital room today I immediately when back into time
thinking of the days when her sisters were born and when 
my own boys were born.  Magical days that seemed like yesterday.  

07 August 2012

school shoes...

If you are looking for school shoes for your toddler boy...I have found brand that I and my toddler boy adore.  They are called Tsukihosi Kids.  We bought Ethan his first pair at Christmas last year and just bought a new pair that we love just as much.  We found ours here at Zappos.

First of all they are extremely easy for Ethan to put on and off independently...which is a big deal to him at this age.  Also, they are very light and the "flex joint outer sole" makes it easy to bend ...so it is soft on his foot.  The antibacterial insole is perfect for little boys...we all know they play hard.  They run wide which also helps with the easy on/easy off.  They have the same shoes I've pictured for girls as well.

I love back to school shopping and have since I was a little girl.  I remember marking pages out of the JC Penny catalogue for mom!  What are your favs for this fall?

03 August 2012

come fly with me...

we just booked our much needed vacation!
The last month has been a doosie at our house.
David working nonstop...literally gone before I open 
my eyes and home after I'm in bed.
Those single parents get a hero award in my book.

I can't wait to see my husbands face again...other than 
on my iphone!  Now how on earth am I going to stay 
on my dairy/soy free diet while traveling??