29 August 2011

Thought of the day...

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26 August 2011

j.crew addict...

How can I not be when they have covers such as this on their magazines?  
I can hear the pointe shoes and feel the cashmere...

25 August 2011

waiting for fall to fall...

I'm so ready and excited for fall...pumpkins, winter boots, and light sweaters.  Will it get here already?

20 August 2011

a good morning...

I'm looking forward to our little homemade breakfast we have on Sundays.  I love breakfast, David is a morning person, and Ethan likes to eat {add in a cup of coffee} = good morning

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18 August 2011

Wainscoting project...

I've had a few emails asking about the wainscoting project we started in May~here is an update.   I say we, but what I really mean is my hubby David.  My portion of the project includes holding things and distracting Ethan from the nail guns, saws, and paint.  The entry way is finished and I love it!  We are now wanting to put a runner up the stairs.  I would love to do a patterned runner.

Sorry I don't have any great "before" photos!  We still have to put up the wainscoting in  Ethan's room and paint the wainscoting in the extra bedroom. I am in no rush for Ethan's room.  I think that might be fun thing to do when we transition him to a big boy bed and new bedding.  I am guessing he will need a new paint color on top to match the bedding;)

17 August 2011

the big picture debate...

What do you do with all the hundreds of photos you take of your kids?  I have no idea what to do with mine anymore.  I am stuck between the digital world and the old school way of actual photos placed in albums.  I used to back them up on Smugmug and then print them all and spend hours putting them in albums and labeling them.

albums stacked on by bookcases

Then... I got behind.  Lets say I am a good year behind.  I still organize them on my computer and back them up in smugmug.  I just couldn't keep up with printing and albums.  Looking back, I shouldn't have printed all of them, just my favorites.

For Ethan's 2nd birthday, I made him a book on iphoto of his 2nd year (12 months-23 months).  I took all of my favorite photos from holidays, everyday, and events and made a book.  I was impressed with the quality of the book verses shutterfly or snapfish, but it was more pricey.  It did take me several hours, but not near the amount of time or money spent on albums and prints.

 the front of the book
inside cover

sample of one of the pages

the back of the book

So what are your thoughts on photo organization?  I have had this ongoing debate with myself about what is "best" thing to do.  I can't imagine not going to my mom's house and looking through my baby albums.  Are we cutting our kids short if we don't make these for our kids?

12 August 2011

Ethan's first day of day school...

Yesterday was Ethan's very first day at day school.  We started the morning off a little grumpy.  Notice every photo I tried to take of him is his backside?  He thought it was funny and wouldn't let me get a good shot!  Remember how nervous I was to pack his little lunch?  Well, I decided to go with the obvious:  Peanut butter and jelly sandwich (the name of school lead me to this one), veggie straws, applesauce, and grapes (his class is called the "Great Grapes."  

notice how big is lunch box is compared to him!

right before walking in!

I was so pleased with how short our drive was to school.  Then I realized, okay, now I have to leave him!  We walked into class after scanning my finger print checking Ethan in.  My how things have changed since I was young!  Ethan went straight for the trains and airplanes while I spoke with this teacher.  Then I made the mistake of kissing him bye.....he started crying and clinging and then I started crying!  Yes, in the classroom, it wasn't embarrassing at all.   His teacher scooped him up and out I went.  

As I drove to Starbucks, I thought "what now?"  I decided to clean the house to keep my mind busy.  I bought a new album on itunes, cranked it up, and started cleaning.  Who knew how much more effective cleaning was when you can do it all at once!

I couldn't wait to pick him up!  As soon as he saw me he burst into tears as he was walked out to the car!  Poor little man!   I guess I never told him I would pick him back up????  Next time we will go over that! He seemed to have a great first day.  Apparently, he calmed down as soon as I left, went potty at school, and got a little scrap on his knee at the playground.  

Later that night David and I got a big laugh as we took his bandaid off his knee.  First of all, he WON'T wear bandaids normally.  We took off his bandaid and squinted...where's the boo boo? 

getting walked out to the car before he spotted me

10 August 2011

Hannah Kate smiles...

Yesterday I had one of the best days you can have work.  A previous patient of mine stopped by the NICU after a follow up appointment to say hello.  Check out this cutie named Hannah Kate.  I was amazed to see how big she had grown in just a few short months.

When Hannah Kate was in her incubator, her parents put a thought bubble on the top that said, "I have Scarlett Fever."  I love her parents sense of humor and it is clear that is what got them through many tough days.  You can read more about her and her amazing beginning here.

big boy bed itch...

I am starting to get the itch to put Ethan in a big boy bed. Not a toddler bed, but his queen size bed that is waiting in the other room for him. Why? Because I've lost my mind. Just kidding. Ethan is just getting so big that reading in his chair is starting to get tight. He can't seem to get comfy so we find ourselfs laying in the floor resting our heads on his little animal chair. I can't help but to think, "it sure would be nice to stretch out in a big bed." He seems happy in his crib, so why rock the boat? We all know every mom's time to get things done have a moment of silence is during naptime. The last thing I want to do is upset naptime or night time. Until then I will just be scooping out all the bedding for a big boy bed.

04 August 2011

Day school worries

Today I am dragging from my lack if sleep last night. Ethan starts day school one week from today, and my anxiety kicked in around 11pm and kept me up most of the night. I know he will most likely love it...however that doesn't stop me from worrying. I am now concerned about what to send him for lunch, will they help him with his lunch, how will nap time go, will he play well with the other kids, what if he is upset the entire time....

I know I can watch him on the Internet in his classroom, but I still worry.

How did your kids first day if Mother's day out go or pre-k? Where you more upset than your kids? How long did it take for you to know if it works or not?

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