29 March 2011

dinner time daddy style....

I have been uploading videos from my flip camcorder and came across this one.  It was taken when Ethan was 19 months old having dinner with his daddy while I was at work.  It made me laugh out loud and smile to see how much fun they have while I am away!

spin like tonka...

Here is a little clip of Ethan from this morning.  He loves this particular Tonka Truck which makes this lovely noise.  I was drinking my coffee watching him play...

28 March 2011

Happy Birthday...

Today we are celebrating a certain someone's birthday!  Happy Birthday Grandma!

Happy Birthday to you,  Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Grandma....
Happy Birthday to You!

24 March 2011

gotta love it...

Reason #515 I love blogs is because you come across awesome finds like these cool kid plates and bowls.  I have said many times I would like to design a fun, cool set of dishes for kids that mom's can buy a set of that actually stack in the cabinet!  Who knew that Smiling Planet has these adorable and very green plates and bowls.  How cute are they?

I spy....

Can you spy the toddler things hidden about the house?  

It cracks me up when I open my makeup drawer and find a car or a random piece of plastic fruit in a shoe.  It is the little things that Ethan does that make me smile and laugh out loud!  

20 March 2011

beach bum baby...

We just took a three day vacation to Charleston, SC with David's side of the family. It was just what we needed....a few days of sand, surf, family, and fun times. We flew for the first time with Ethan and are happy to report Ethan loved flying! He asked for "more" as the flight ended! However, when you are flying with your two cousins, two aunts, uncle, mom, and dad of course the flight was fun!

After two hours {not quite, but almost} of prepping all the kids in sunscreen, hats, bathing suits, beach towels, food, and sand castle gear we were finally ready to hit the beach. Here is a photo of Ethan all prepped:

David and I were curious to see how he would react to the ocean and sand since the only time he had been at the beach was when he was 3 months old. We couldn't help but to laugh because the boy was soooooo excited he ran and ran and ran and ran. Seriously, Ethan probably ran about 4 miles that day! Back and forth to the water's edge scooping sand and shells. David and I agree we have a little beach bum baby. Here are a few more photos:

We spent the rest of our time eating...and eating....and eating. We went and bought fresh shrimp right off the shrimp boat basically. This is a "David" tradition. He loves to cook his own sea food every time we go to the beach.

All and all it was soooo nice just to get away and just be with family and laugh! I somehow managed to break two iphones {yes two}, David dropped our rental car keys down the elevator shaft, and almost left our car keys in Charleston. Hence the laughing. We were a little sad to leave sweet beach life behind, but it is always nice to come home and just kick a soccer ball around in the back yard after dinner.

**** I would like to add a big thank you to Carolyn V. who made my blog so adorable all the way from Austria! The blog is now public which means no password is needed to log on to it. Thanks again Carolyn.

16 March 2011

little prep...

Ethan at his cousin's soccer game last Saturday

07 March 2011

21 months....

silly face

Somewhere between 18 months and 21 months Ethan has turned into a shy, cuddly little boy.  I am loving the out-of-no-where tight hugs and kisses.  Ethan took a Music with Mommie class when he was baby.  Now, we have restarted Music Class now that it is offered closer to our new house.  It has been amazing to see the changes from Ethan at 11 months old to now in the class.

One of my favorite moments with Ethan lately was eating popcorn watching the Academy Awards together.  I was rushing home from work and David called and said Ethan was already sleeping:(  However, when I got home, David was upstairs because Ethan had woken up.  I gladly ran upstairs to put him back down to sleep.  I couldn't get him to sleep....he was wound up.  So I took him downstairs sat him on the couch and made popcorn.  We watched the Oscars and munched together (and clapped a little).  Who knew watching the Oscars with your 21 month old could be so fun?  

mom asked me to smile face

sleepy face

getting to be such a big boy...brushing my teeth on my stool

Ethan got this sandbox/kiddie pool/picnic table from my Dad for his birthday.  We used it for a pool last summer, but I thought it would be fun to put sand in it for the spring.  I had no idea that two 50 pound bags of sand could bring so much joy.  I wish I had it on video the first time I put Ethan's bare feet into the sand.  I thought "okay, so maybe not a hit.".  Then I handed him a tonka truck and the little boy kicked in.  He sat in that sandbox for 2 hours and was upset when I took him out of it.  He loved it!  I am  looking forward to more spring-like days outside.  

01 March 2011

in light of Tuesday....

Tuesday means library day {aka Toddler time at our local library} in our house.  We are trucking through Ethan's reading list and books are scattered throughout the house.  How fitting is it that I stumbled across this photo today and this awesome quote?