21 February 2010

tape and boxes....la la la (title given by David so I would give back his work laptop)

We have 4.5 days left in our townhome. We have been power boxing all weekend and are worn out and completely disconnected with the world....literally. Since it was the end of our billing cycle with Comcast, I thought it would be reasonable to have our cable/Internet/phone turned off a week before we moved. What a mistake! It is driving me crazy not being able to watch the news, weather, Olympics, not to mention the bachelor! I am glad, however, that we waited to start boxing up our things. I can't imagine living in a house that is being taken apart for longer than a week! I am having the hardest time packing Ethan's nursery. I want to make this move an easy transition for him. It makes me teary taking it all a part. Hopefully, my next post will be in our new home!

12 February 2010

bear's lovie...

I recently snuck in bear's room to take a picture of him "snuggling" with his lovie. He always covers his face with it. When we first started letting him sleep with it, we would stare at the video monitor continuously!

06 February 2010

a moment to relax...

Today I went with my sister-in-laws, Whitney and Jessica, to get a massage at the Woodhouse Day Spa. Jessica and I decided on the traditional Swedish massage, while Whitney chose a hot stone massage. It was wonderful to catch up with the girls and just relax in a robe! Afterwards, I sat by a fire and drank a cup of tea, which was a perfect thing to do on a cold, rainy day. During the massage, I kept thinking to myself, "Why don't I do this more often?" It was then I realized, that when you become a mother there hundreds of things on the to-do list, and relaxing...well, has never made the cut to be on the list. However, I have decided to start attempting to take a moment or two to sit still and reflect and relax. This will all start of course after we have a our first of two moves... Anyhow, thank you girls for a wonderful day!

02 February 2010

8 months....

He can't sit still anymore!

"Are you finished yet mom?"

just waking up from nap with snuggly

big laughs while playing peek-a-boo with the blanket

you can really see his tooth in this one!

at 8 months old Ethan....
~get into plank position (better than I could when I was taking Pilate's) and rocks back and forth on his hands and knees
~scoots and rolls all over the floor
~will say "mama" indiscriminately in his crib when he is upset
~signed "all done" for the first time
~loves loves loves loves his new blue ball
~is still into music and instruments (pots and pans included)
~is still a great eater (fingers crossed this continues) the boy loves his greens
~thinks he is Michael Phelps contender in the bathtub
~snuggles with his snuggly and it is the most adorable thing ever
~sometimes takes only 4 oz of milk and then sometimes will take up to 7oz
~naps are totally luck of the draw...either 2 hours or 30 minutes
~gets frustrated when he can't get to a toy....lord help me when he figures out this crawling thing! this momma may need some roller skates!
~has spiky hair still...people think I spike it on purpose
~wears 12-18 month clothes
~loves to play peek-a-boo with his blanket

This will be our last chair photos in Ethan's nursery....that makes me incredibly sad to think about! I love his nursery and wish I could pack that up and take it with us.

cardboard boxes...

SOLD! We have officially sold our first home. Yes, the home we bought just months after getting engaged, the home where we had our first Christmas, painted every wall, changed every floor (twice), and brought home our bundle of joy. I know....you get the picture. It is a bitter sweet thing. It is hard to leave something that has so many memories, but very exciting to start over again. David as we all know is Mr. Home Builder. He has dreamed of building his very own home. He has drawn up his own floor plan and we are hoping to see them come to life shortly. The hard part will be moving twice as we will be moving into a rental while we build. Especially with an active baby boy, small cat, extremely large dog, and two tired parents. I'm so excited to start the design process of picking out materials, however, the taking apart and boxing up this house I am less than enthusiastic about. I am the sentimental type and even was sad to leave our tiny 900 square feet apartment we lived in the first few months of our marriage. We all know the house doesn't make the home, the people that live inside of it do. Just give a quick shout out the man upstairs to grant me patience and mounds of energy to tackle this move.

01 February 2010

super baby...

Last January when David and I found out we were having a boy, we rushed off to babyGap and bought this superman tee shirt. We later found that David had the exact same shirt when he was a baby and this superman cape his mom had made him! Now that Ethan is big enough to wear both, I had to get a few pictures!

bootie scoot boogie

This is what I like to call Ethan's boot scoot boogie!