23 January 2009

Oh Boy!!!

Baby's 1st Christmas Ornament

We are thrilled to announce it's a boy!!! We were thankful to hear that everything looked normal on the ultrasound. After the doctor's appointment, we went immediately to shop for boy things! David found one shirt he just had to get our little baby boy....never mind he'll have to wait until he's 2 years old to wear it!!! Here are just a few things we found:

Carseat Doggy Blanket

Hammerhead Sweater

Little Tadpole onesie

the first tee shirt David picked out!!!

11 January 2009

Pink or Blue

In the next two weeks we find out if we are having a boy or a girl. I am so excited to find out! I have restrained from buying baby clothes, blankets, bedding.....basically everything until we find out! Truthfully, I always thought I'd be secretly hoping for a girl or a boy at this point. Now, after working over 2 years in a NICU, I understand what I means to hope for a healthy baby. I have seen things that only God could explain. When I think of little girl in ballet shoes or a little boy with David's curiosity, I can't help but get butterflies over the thought of each. I find it interesting how friends and family feel strongly about their guess of the baby's sex. Kelly Ripa was saying on "Regis and Kelly" how her oldest son always guesses the sex of babies correctly. I'm wondering who is right! The thing is I was always the wrong one when guessing other's pregnancies!

I am anxiously awaiting getting the nursery ready! I have no idea when the appropriate time is to decorate. I have just heard story after story of women having babies before 30 weeks who hadn't even started on the nursery. From the woman who likes to be "ready", that just makes me nervous! I am going to have a hard time picking out bedding! I have a feeling once we get a crib and bedding, it will be mission impossible to keep our furry baby, Moli, out of the crib! She will think she has gone to cat heaven!

The name game. Truthfully, I'm all over the place with names. I have always enjoyed having a name that no other girl in my school or county shared. Naturally, I feel pressured to find a name that no one uses! I guess maybe that is what Gwyneth Paltrow had in mind when she named her little girl "Apple." No worries, I will not go that extreme! But if you've heard any great names....send them our way!

01 January 2009


Happy New Year! Here are my 2009 Resolutions.
  1. Learn to "LET IT GO" this is about my OCD/Type A" ness". I can't relax with polishing the furniture first, and putting away dishes, etc...
  2. Think positive = Be positive.
  3. Take time for myself. This one will be hard with a new baby:) But going to the gym first and errands second.
  4. Floss More. It's the last thing I want to do when I've worked 3 in a row and am tired.

Happy 30th David

Birthday Balloons
David opening his new golf bag

Our neice Madeline and David blowing out his candles

Madeline helping David open birthday gifts

On December 23rd David turned the big 3-0! I took him to Ruth's Chris Steak House and made him one of his favorite desserts, Blueberry Crunch. Jessica and Madeline came over and helped me sing to David as he blew out his candles. We celebrated again in Atlanta with his family.