09 September 2013

list maker...

it's monday...do you make you weekly to-do list on monday's like me?
here is mine for the week...

*buy flowers to enjoy all week just because - CHECK
*make a homemade dessert
*go on a few walks...perhaps even a run or two
*spend wayyy to much at the grocery - CHECK
*try a new recipe for dinner...dinner is getting old around here
*order a few prints of the boys to frame
*blog a few posts I've been putting off forever
*get up earlier...this one is the hardest one yet

I hope your week is off to a great start...
what are you hoping to accomplish this week?

06 September 2013


yes it is.  for this to be a short week...its been a loooong week for this momma.
My boys have been passing a fever and congestion back and forth. 
I guess I taught them share after all.  

not only have I spent the week rubbing the backs of coughing kids, I
have anxious for fall to arrive.  It's my favorite time of year.   And I'm ready.
sweaters, coats, crunching leaves, and pumpkins.  I thought I spotted a pumpkin 
the other day but it was a basket full of peaches at local outdoor market.  

Here is a little song to that the boys and I love to kick off your weekend.  we 
actually love the entire album even though it isn't kid music,
 but it gets Bennett clapping and Ethan singing.  

and here is a little bit of fall that I am craving.  

Ethan's first day of Pre-K..likely where we picked up this cold
how big his he now?