04 May 2009

just when I thought.....

What do you do on a rainy Sunday when your husband is out of the house? Of course you go shopping for baby shoes! Yes, the baby that has yet to be born. I wondered into the kids shoe section at Dillard's to find baby Sperry's, baby Keds, and adorable Stride Right tennis shoes. I have always loved Keds since I was a little girl and have always said I'd put them on my kids. So I decided on a pair of teeny Keds and headed to check out. I casually mentioned to the sales lady that I really had no idea what size to get and she gave me the "worried face." Then a customer who was buying shoes for her children sat up and said, "you are buying shoes for your baby? When are you even due?" I said I'd like to just buy a pair of shoes for when he might start showing interest in walking for stepping. She basically told me I was crazy for wanting to buy shoes for a baby with laces and also one that wasn't even here. Apparently, you MUST have you baby "measured" for shoes at Stride Right. I said I didn't think I'd put shoes on him until he started creeping around. The customer then corrected me with a worried tone, "you will put shoes on him in the winter, right?" I said yes, and told her that I had the Robeez section covered for then, but I wanted "shoes" for when he started creeping or making strides at taking steps. Just when I thought I was somewhat on track for preparing for baby, someone will kindly remind you that first time moms really have no idea of what they are doing. I just wanted a pair of Keds for the baby! However, on this rainy Sunday, that was bigger battle than I had anticipated or was up for. I left without buying any shoes!