26 April 2013


I am minutes away from boarding a plane headed to Vegas with the girls. I can't wait to spend the weekend sipping cocktails poolside and dressing up for dinners out! Whose life is this? Doesn't sound like mine!

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12 April 2013

happy friday...

happy friday!  We spent the day at the zoo and plan to spend the day outside tomorrow enjoying springtime!  now to get the kids in bed so david and I can watch a movie...the only kind of date night happening around here lately:)

01 April 2013

Those two words...

It is no secret I love Boden.  I was shocked when I got an email advertising a man's skirt!  I clicked the link and was shocked...mouth open...eyes scruntched...shocked to see a man in a skirt.  Then I read those two words...April Fools!  Well, they got me!