28 November 2014

Meet Crew...

 We are over the moon with share with you our third little blonde boy, Crew.  I can't believe it has taken me almost 7 weeks to update my blog, but 3 kids 5 and under its hard to keep the fridge stocked  and the laundry some what caught up.  Crew arrived two weeks before my due date.  I was trying to wait atleast three more days but I had the feeling he would come the weekend he did.  Everyone was on fall break...including my OB:)  My water broke at a bouncy house place which makes me laugh.  I called my husband who put me straight to voicemail.  So I loaded the boys up in the van and drove home!  David called me back and then met me at home.  I attempted to finish up packing my bag and found that David had already put it in the car.  I remember I "had" to put Bennett down for his nap before we left for the hospital.  I think I cried the entire time I sang to him knowing it would be his last moments as my "baby."  He loved being the baby and I loved babying him.  I then came down stairs and hugged Ethan bye.  He kissed my tummy and said "I can't wait to meet you baby!"  Yep- more tears!  In the meantime, David is sitting in the car anxiously waiting on me.  I think knowing its your last pregnancy and last baby...I wasn't in rush.  Yes,  I was exhausted from all the steroids I had been on, but I was soaking up all the sweet kicks.  

I was shocked to have a long, slow labor but overall everything went well.  My first thought after he was born was just how blonde he looked in the open bed warmer across the room.  He was one of the blondest babies I had ever seen.  Crew had to transition in the NICU for a few hours after he was born.  David stayed with him and I found myself alone for 2 hours just sitting in the dark.  It was the strangest 2 hours of my life.  Exhausted, concerned, elated, and everyone was asleep as it was in the wee morning hours.  I was dying to tell my friends and family about our newest sweet boy.  

Later that day my mom brought the boys to meet their little brother.  That was one of the sweetest moments.  We went home the next day and life never skipped a beat.  By the third baby you have a baby and two days later are in car rider line at school and making lunches.  

We have been blessed by our friends, family, and neighbors who have shown more love for us than one could imagine.  We are still over the moon to have three little boys to love on.

8 pounds 7 ounces, 21 inches

Ethan and Bennett meet Crew

in the hospital ready to go!


Sara said...

I love hearing birth stories, I think about the day Miles was born so often and it fills me with joy! Your little guy is TOO CUTE and I just love his name! How did you come up with it? Hope you find some time to catch your breath! I struggle to do that with just one :)

Bren Murphy said...

Love your images and the way you have shared honestly - you are an inspiration and I am following your journey - awesome work!

Unknown said...

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