26 November 2009

a first thanksgiving...

Ethan's first pumpkin (Thanksgiving morning)
Nana and Mike
Our first Thanksgiving with Ethan

Nana and Ethan

Grandma and Ethan....he loves this swing
Great Aunt Sis and Ethan

Grandpa and Ethan

This year Thanksgiving is a little more special in the Anderson House. Well....a lot more special. We have a lot to be thankful for this year....our little butterball!

We kicked off Thanksgiving with my first try at making homemade sweet potatoes, pears, and bananas for Ethan. So far he loves them! He ate an entire banana for breakfast with his rice cereal....yummy!

We were lucky enough to be able to celebrate with in White Bluff and Atlanta this year.

From our house to yours.....Happy Thanksgiving!

12 November 2009

10 Things You Never Knew About Me

Honest Blog Award

1. Must thank person who awarded you and list their blog
2. Must share 10 honest things about yourself
3. Must present this "award" to 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content and design or that encourages you.

I was given this "award" from my friend Courtney. I love her blog because it brings humor to this mommyhood thing! Also, she has the most adorable twins! Hearing her twin stories is better than going to a comedy club sometimes! Love ya Court! http://www.nashtwins.blogspot.com/

10 Honest Things about Me:
1. I knew I'd love being a mommy, but find myself amazed by the amount of love you experience once you have your own baby. No words can describe this.

2. Love Love Love Martha Stewart! Watching the Martha Stewart Show is like doing yoga for me. Maybe it is her calm, steady voice, maybe it just hearing about her lovely Bedford home. I would love to visit her home and get ideas! I'm sure each closet and drawer is perfectly organized. I'd love to just snoop around! If you can't tell, I'm very much a Type A person! Ask my label maker.

3. Little embarrased about his one: I love rap music. Yes, my ipod is full of it. I can't honestly workout or run without it.

4. I will always wonder if I would had never stopped Ballet where that road would have taken me.

5. I am a Mac girl. Not Mac and cheese, but Mac as in Apple! I am wanting a new iMac soooo badly right now! I still have my laptop from college, but want a desktop so I can work with Ethan's pictures up close and wayyyy more easily. (my laptop still works, but it too told to update to current software that I need). I swear taking, organizing, and making projects from pictures is my second job!

6. I am addicted to diet coke

7. Stepmom is my FAVORITE movie. However, I don't own the DVD! How that happened I don't know. (It is on my Birthday/Christmas List)

8. I can worry about anything! Just ask David!!!

9. My life did a 180 when I met and fell in love with David.

10. I have wanted to take sewing lessons for atleast 4-5 years now. I just can't bring myself to purchasing them. It always falls to the bottom of the list. I would love to have learn to sew window treatments and do fabulous monograms. I daydream about having a sewing room that overlooks a backyard and spending hours drinking coffee and sewing. All this from a girl who takes pants to the cleaners to have a button replaced (if I can't do something the right way...I don't do it all)

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09 November 2009

i love to jump...

05 November 2009

5 months....counting the rolls

5 Months Old

oops...over we go!

Ethan is now 5 months old. I decided this month to take his picture in his diaper so everyone could see those adorable rolls! He is now eating rice cereal, bananas, and squash! He says "ummm" with each bite. I think he heard me say it to him while he was eating and he is repeating what I have said! He is sitting unassisted for moments at a time. We took him to the park last weekend to watch his first soccer game! He still loves his stroller-we are going on as many strolls as we can (bundled up of course) before it becomes too cold. Needless to say David and I are having the time of our lives with Ethan.