29 March 2010

Blanket Drive Followup...

Thank you for donating to the NICU Blanket Drive. We collected around 255 blankets!!! They were adorable. I wish you could see how cute the babies incubators are now:)

March of Dimes...

Sunday, April 18th you will find me at Centennial Park walking for the March of Dimes. 240 Babies are born premature on an average each week in Tennessee. Tennessee ranks among one of the highest states in terms of preterm births. The March of Dimes donates millions of dollars in research to prevent babies from being born early. I would love for you to join me! Contact me about signing up to walk for the babies.

March of Dimes Mission:

Our mission is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality. We carry out this mission through research, community services, education and advocacy to save babies' lives. March of Dimes researchers, volunteers, educators, outreach workers and advocates work together to give all babies a fighting chance against the threats to their health: prematurity, birth defects, low birthweight.

21 March 2010

just rosie...

Ethan's fever has finally broke after a week! Here are a few photos of his rosie cheeks that were a tell tell sign that his fever had crept back up. His fever was 102 at the time, so you can only imagine how red they were when it his 104.5. It amazes me the resilience babies have to cope with being sick. They still manage to play when any adult would be in bed. He seems to be feeling much better. Now, bring on the spring....we are ready to explore outside!

19 March 2010

Caroline turns one!

and we are off to the party...
Ethan sporting the birthday hat!

My niece, Caroline, just turned one! She and Ethan are 11 weeks apart, so that means Ethan's first birthday will be here before I know it. Caroline had an "under the sea" birthday party. Ethan had a blast. Happy First Birthday Sweet Caroline!

18 March 2010

9 Months....

Ethan started his 9th Month off with a bang....crawling! He started crawling a few days shy of being 9 Months. It was perfect timing with the move:) Life has changed with a crawling baby in the house. I feel as though I can't baby proof enough. You simply can't buy things to baby proof...it all comes down to all eyes on Ethan all the time! I can just see his baby rolls melting away everyday and in their place I see little boy legs, belly, and arms.

Ethan at 9 Months:
22 pounds 1 ounce (74 percentile)
29 inches long (75 percentile)

pulling up to knees
signing more
clicking....He clicks his tongue in his month all the time
loves his tonka trucks, balls, and being read to
sucks on his lovie now
starting to eat things off our plates, such as pancakes!

He loves to help me swiffer the floors...
laughs in the carseat
trying to get Mommy's tea
loves standing...
getting stuck in some sticky situations....
Ethan's buddies Kellen and Paxton over for a playdate among boxes
"who needs two socks?"
a monkey bottom on the go!
so happy to be crawling

I had to put these pictures of Ethan getting is toe pricked at his well baby 9 Month Appointment. He didn't cry or flinch when his toe was pricked! Too bad the machine broke and we didn't get to run the test. He was amazed at the bandaid on his toe.

Since this visit we have been back to the pediatrician's office twice with high fevers. No fun:( We are just giving motrin and tylenol every 3-4 hours around the clock. I am just thankful this didn't happen any earlier than 9 months.

09 March 2010


I am soooo behind on blog posts, I could sit in this chair for hours with updates and photos. I couldn't be happier to have access to the internet once again! We are getting settled into our rental home. I think David and I are a little surprised at how much we miss our townhome. I never knew how much time I spent in the kitchen and miss it dearly (along with Ethan's nursery). However, I love the new location of the rental home, fireplace, and swing on the screened porch! I think the easiest to catch up with what has been happening is with photos....so here goes.

Colt Fans on Superbowl Sunday!!!!

Valentines Day! I always get David the silliest balloon I could find. This year it was the underware monkey! I thought it was hiliarious I found a balloon that had the same boxers I bought him a few years back. I had to of course get Ethan a balloon too. I chose the bear, because we all know I call him baby bear.

Ethan's backwards scoot kept getting him stuck under this chair until it was finally loaded onto the moving truck! Just in time for a new trick to develop! (more to come on crawling later)

Someone loves his Tonka Truck "Chuck!" Ethan loves to roll it around while making noises! My baby is turning into a little boy at 8 Months old.

Ethan loves to help his Nana do his laundry!!! He is always laughing when Nana's around.

When I work during the week, my mom keeps Ethan along with a little boy named Zane. I actually watched Zane for a few hours last week. I loved watching Ethan and Zane play together! Zane just turned 4 and Ethan loves follow what Zane is doing.

Eating! We spend a lot of time in our highchair now! Ethan is starting to eat more and more fingerfoods. Just this past weekend, he ate his very first "off my plate" food: pancakes! I gave him just the pancake without syrup and he loved it!!! I guess Pancake Saturday's have just begun. Looking at the first picture I can't believe how long Ethan is compared to when I put in his highchair for the first time when he was 4 months old.

This past weekend we had some nice weather. We decided to spend a little time outside! Ethan loves his new porch swing!