17 June 2010

first birthday...part I

breakfast with a birthday hat

enough pictures mom!

helping mom blow up float for the pool
just look how much I've grown!
Ethan's birthday dinner
eating homemade lasagna...

He wasn't so sure about ice cream for the first time
we saved the cake for his birthday party

Ethan's First Birthday came within 72 hours after our move into our new home. We had a nice little day at home enjoying our toddler with family. Ethan's birthday started off with a special treat...blueberry muffins. He loved them, but I didn't expect anything less from a kiddo who can eat his weight in blueberries! David came home early and we had a late afternoon at the pool for the first time this summer. Ethan still loves the water. His cousins Madeline and Caroline and good friend Zane meet us there to play. We came home to have homemade lasagna and watch Ethan eat ice cream for the first time. He wasn't so sure about it, but did finally have a few bites!

Since we have been so busy moving and getting settled, my posts have been few and far in between. I have failed to mention that Ethan started taking steps 5 days before his first birthday! A few steps is all it took for him to gain confidence and give walking a try. He took his first steps in the closet of our rental home going from David to me and then back to David. I knew when the time came I wouldn't have a video camera in sight and didn't. He gets so excited when he walks! Its pretty darn cute to see your kiddo walking around! Like I have said before....it just gets better and better!


Mum aka Nana said...

My beautiful grandson has turned 1 and how time flies...He has gone from a baby to a little boy that is more precious than life. Happy First Birthday Ethan Wyatt. Nana sends you many hugs, kisses and lots of love!