08 September 2014


What a weekend!  We literally kicked it off with a soccer game where Ethan scored his first two goals of the season and then I celebrated Baby Boy with a lovely shower hosted by my mother-in-law and sisters {more on that later}.  We also celebrated Grandparents Day at Wholy Crepe.  
Icecream before 10 am...yes please. 

So back to Saturday night...David and I snuck out to The Piano Guys concert.  We had bought the tickets so long ago I almost forgot exactly who and what type of group they are.  I remember David stumbled across them on youtube last winter and we spend several nights watching their clips on youtube with boys.  They played at the Ryman Auditorium and were incredible to say the least.  I have never laughed so hard at concert and also been brought to tears.  Everytime they would play it felt like the baby was dancing...guess he liked it too!  They are known for their videos where they airlift a piano and play the Cello on The Great Wall of China for instance.  Look them up on you tube because the videos are almost as amazing as their music.