03 December 2010

deck the halls....

It is finally here: Christmas!!! I can't remember being this excited about Christmas in a very long time. Shopping for Ethan has been too much fun at this age. After Thanksgiving while everyone is out shopping, we were out picking out a tree. Our goal was to find a tall, skinny tree. Well.....we found a tall, large round tree! The more the merrier, right? Well.... after moving our large tree around the house, we finally find it a home. Ethan was such a big help decorating this year. After we finished, we told Ethan to go stand by the tree for a picture. Notice the photo above, this was the shot we got! Ha, he never gets his picture taken, never.

David hunting for the perfect tree
Ethan helping pick out a tree with Santa in tow
Moli in her Christmas coat! Someone has gained a little weight from last year:0
getting the tree set up
Ethan help Daddy with the lights
Ethan decorating with ornaments
set the table..
whew....it is finally done


Mum aka Nana said...

Love the pics especially that precious little boy with his arms open wide. Lots of love with hugs and kisses!

The Gannons said...

Scarlett, your tree is HUGE! And so pretty! Love it!