03 January 2012

one last Christmas post...

yes, I know the season has come and gone.  However, do you ever feel like you blog random things and not what is actually happening in your world?  I just wanted to share a few favorite moments from our Christmas this year...

watching Ethan fall in love the book and movie The Polar Express

baking treats with Ethan

watching Ethan's joy when David put our train around the tree

again, watching Ethan watch the train go round and round

only my husband would use a chalk gun to build our gingerbread house!

making homemade gingerbread cookies for Santa...

having a Christmas Eve Tradition that has gone on for years and years...

making our own traditions

Christmas morning cuddles

having Maw-Maw's chocolate syrup over biscuits on Christmas morning...

singing for dinner in Atlanta...can you guess what we sang?

these elf house shoes...and the joy of playing with your cousins:)


watching Ethan with his grandparents...yep only Grandma is allowed to fetch his milk!

this moment of Ethan taking our picture with our Nikon as we opened gifts!

"monster daddy monster"...my sweet husband letting 3 kids ride his back at once

Ethan meeting an airplane pilot for the first time...AKA Uncle Ronnie

and for me the anticipation of having two sweet little boys next Christmas!