21 July 2009

7 week smiles....

hi friends!

7 weeks

7 weeks in my chair

all smiles for daddy

big smiles.....

my very own Life is Good Tee....it reads "half full"

budda belly

tummy time in my crib....check out my muscles

i just love tummy time

my first smile captured on camera!

Hanging out with friends (L to R) Cain, Paxton, and Kellen

Ethan's has been smiling more and more everyday! We can't get enough of his toothless grins! He is also tracking us with his eyes. Ethan seems to like tummy time so far! He is growing so fast that everyday we are finding he has outgrown an outfit!

A few weeks ago, we have discovered that Ethan has reflux. Reflux is similar to "heart burn" that adults experience. It is horrible to hear your baby cry when he is in pain and uncomfortable. It gives me a new prospective of my NICU moms and dads who have babies on ventilators, undergoing surgeries, every 4 hours capillary blood gases, daily lab draws, IVs, mickey buttons, head ultrasounds, and reflux to worry about. Most of my parents can't just pick their babies up when they are upset and crying like I can with Ethan. I have no idea how these parents stay strong through the roller coster ride of the NICU. I just keep praying the medication for Ethan's reflux will help him over time.

On a lighter note....yesterday I found out the twin boys I had been taking care of at work for months were discharged to home! Those little boys were blessed with amazing parents who were there everyday to care for their little ones. I send my well wishes and big congrats to them and their family! I always said they were little "rock stars!"


Mum aka Nana said...

I love my baby's smiles. He melts my heart when he smiles or cries or just sleeps...whatever he does...he has my heart. Nana loves that baby boy!