31 October 2011

a happy halloween...

meet Ethan the Dinosaur...

Happy Halloween!  We are spending our day....

baking Halloween treats for our after trick-or-treating snack

getting ready for Ethan's school party tomorrow

going for a walk down our favorite spooky street.

We are so excited!!!


27 October 2011


Have I mentioned date night before?  It is the best thing since sliced bread:)  We've been alternating date nights with my sister & brother in-law for months.  The kids have a cousin sleepover and one couple goes out for a date.  It is awesome and the kids have the best time.  Kinda of funny to think when I was pregnant with Ethan I assumed David and I would be able to have a night out at-least once a week!  Ha!

Tonight is a special date night, we are actually going out on the town to see "Wicked."  A special thanks to Stephen and Jessica who gifted me the tickets for an early birthday gift.  A perfect date right before Halloween!

I've taken a break today piddling around the house (bear's at day school) listening to Madeleine Peyroux, becoming addicted to Pinterest, and doing small chores.  Perfect for a rainy fall day.  

Now if only this were in my closet to wear tonight over my bump...

26 October 2011

Sweet moments...

While grocery shopping this week Ethan wanted to help out and push the little buggy. Yes, the little buggy every mom tries to avoid to save time and the ankles of all the other shoppers. I decided our quick run to the store was a good time to try it out! He did great! He stayed right behind me and was so proud of himself. He even handed all if the groceries to the clerk to ring up. When we got home he carried both bags in the kitchen and handed each item to me to out away.

As a mom of a little boy I try every day to teach Ethan manners and responsibility. It is sweet moments like this where I realized lessons are learned along with a little confidence.

And a props to the teenage boy who checked us out at the market who had patience and said thank you my two year old;)

18 October 2011

fall break...

Lately, I feel as though I should have my mail forwarded to Vanderbilt.  With all of the oncalls, classes, and re-certifications added onto my full time job...this pregnant momma is tired!    By some miracle, I was able able to escape being called in on my oncall day Sunday which was a huge help breaking up my almost 6/8 day stretch. 

This week Ethan has Fall Break and I am planning on doing just that:  taking a break!  I am hoping to use my day and half off from work by going on a nice walk in leafy park, baking some pumpkin cheesecake muffins, reading my book outside, having a cup of hot tea, and perhaps finding my way into a yoga studio.  

Are you taking fall break?  Sometimes us Mommas have to make ourselves...

12 October 2011

I'm having a ....

That is right!  Our little peanut is a boy!  Ethan is going to have a little brother soon:)  My heart melts every time I think of Ethan as a big brother.  I always get really nervous at ultrasounds, so I am blessed to say that everything looked great.  Let the shopping, lists of names, and organizing begin...

I can't wait to have two of these little guys running around!

11 October 2011

weekend warrior hubby...

Last weekend David made his coffee pretty strong because he was definitely a weekend warrior.  First of all, he surprised me by bringing home these new spindles to add to our staircase:  

spindles before

spindles after

If any of you have a sandbox in your backyard, you might have a love/hate relationship with yours like we do.  I love how it entertains Ethan for hours at a time, I hate how the sand ends up in your house.  David hated the maintenance of grass around around it.  We almost packed up for good more than once.  At a birthday party a few weeks ago, we love how our neighbors had their landscaper "landscape" their tots toys.  So, a quick trip to Lowe's and my "landscaper" hubby comes home and makes this:
sandbox before (not a great before photo but you get the point)

backyard play area after
now with a few scrubs and a dogwood tree

We added a few hardy shrubs and a shade tree into the play area.  Ethan loves having his new area to play!  Oh, and his playhouse had been also on our patio as well.  We were thrilled to regain our patio space again and he seems to like being able to jump from sandbox to playhouse.

Ethan's house

Not last but least, we added shades to our chandelier in the dining room.  I've been looking for shades at places like Potterybarn and Ballard Designs, but couldn't bring myself to buy shades at $15-30 a piece.  David found these at Home Depot for $6 a piece.  Much nicer price!  
before shades

after with shades

David worked on all of this while I wrapped up my yard sale fun.  The yard sale went well considering I ran Ethan to the pediatrician in the middle of everything for "the croup."  He is better and I am glad to have cleaned out our storage/attic room.  A pretty big project that I have no plans on capturing on film until the container store comes and attacks my mismatched rubbermaid totes!  Anyhow, the nesting phase of this pregnancy has definitely kicked in!

10 October 2011

new blog address...

I've been meaning to change the blog address for a while now and finally got around to it.  I decided to change it from our names to the name of the blog.  I couldn't leave baby #2's name out it....that just wouldn't be fair!  Sorry for hassle of changing:(

the new address:

09 October 2011

fall festival fun...

Yesterday Ethan attended his very first Fall Festival at his school.  He had a blast going down slides, jumping in the moon bounce, petting animals, playing booth games, and eating yummy {and very healthy-wink} Halloween snacks.  Ethan's class basket this year was an "arts and crafts" theme.  David helped me arrange the basket late Friday night after work.  There was so much donated we had to use two baskets!  Wouldn't you love to win this to have stashed in your closet for a rainy day? 
All of the classrooms collected pennies to donate to the Down's Syndrome Association.  Ethan's class came in 3rd place!  In the photo above Ethan is getting a "Frankenstein" painted on his face.  Of course we had to get a Frankenstein to match his shirt!  Enjoying the day with him made David and I reminisce about our own fall festival days in elementary school.  Weren't they the best? 

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06 October 2011

sleepover fun...

Last weekend, Ethan invited his friend Zane over for a sleepover.  The boys laughed their way through the weekend.  After backyard soccer and baseball, the boys had their first smores huddled around the fire pit.  The weather couldn't have gotten any better!

gentry's farm 2011...

Last weekend we made our 3rd Annual trip to Gentry's Farm.  First, take a look at how much Ethan has grown and changed every year...

Gentry's 2011

Gentry's 2010

Gentry's 2009

Here are a few more photos of our pumpkin patch day.  The little boy in the photo is Zane, Ethan's buddy.  Every time they are together is all laughs and smiles!

walking through a corn maze

checking out the animals


playing in wheat

this year
Last year

"It's the great big pumpkin Ethan Wyatt"

Ethan's First Field Trip...

Ethan recently took his first field trip to a local farm called Lucky Ladds.  What a blast!  Ethan and I both had the best time petting the animals, going on a hayride, playing on the playground, and having a picnic lunch with his school.  The farm only opens during the week for schools so the PBJ kids had the run of the entire farm.  Lucky Ladd's even had a farmer come speak to the kids about the difference between chickens and hens {how ironic is that Aunt Jess and Aunt Whit?}.  We completed the day with fruit punch in a pumpkin-shaped squeeze bottle as I carried out two pumpkins:  one for each of my little pumpkins!

brushing the goat

petting the sheep

can you spot my little blondie on the mound of tractor tires?

stare down with a mule:  checking each other out

Country boy tire swing

playing with Tonka's in Corn

petting a chicken

Riding a Ford Tractor

pumping water

After spending the day with Ethan and his class mates, it made me realize just how big he is getting and the changes he has made since starting day school in August.  David and I can't believe just how quickly we've gone from small talk to having conversations with Ethan.  He now chimes in when I am singing songs to him and almost has his ABC song down pat.  Overall, it was a great day~ one worth calling in sick for {wink}!