23 June 2009

3 weeks old....

Ethan at 3 weeks
3 weeks

in deep thought:)

cuddle time

Ethan is now 3 weeks old! We celebrated this morning by going on a family walk! I would say it was our first "long" walk where I actually broke a sweat and wore my nike workout shorts.....and it felt great!!!! I can't wait until we are cruising the park with Ethan's buddies....Kellen and Paxton and their mom Courtney! I'm still nervous when we venture outside of our home without the comforts of swings, vibrating chairs, bassinets, sound machines, etc. I never knew I would be so dependent on all the baby "stuff" that you register for and wonder if you'll actually need. Well.....we needed it and use it daily!!!! Just the other day David said he was sending Fisher Price a thank you letter for helping our son sleep for 3-4 hours!


Mum aka Nana said...

Happy 3rd week Birthday Mr. Ethan. You know I love seeing your Daddy and you in pics but do you think you could sweet talk your Daddy into making a few pics with you and your Mommy? Hugs & Kisses

Two Little Bugs and a Bichon said...

And Kel, Pax, and their mommy cant wait either!!!!!!!! ANd your mom is right, get some pics with you and ethan...I think the twins were two months before I have one shot with them. :-(