23 June 2009

Daddy's 1st....

Ethan's card to Daddy
Daddy's new Maui Jims
Ethan's onesie read "I love Daddy"

Daddy's gift and cards

Ethan, Alex, and Moli all wish their Daddy a "Happy Father's Day!" I know I'm blessed to have a husband who is such a wonderful father! We would like to wish our fathers and grandfather a Happy Father's Day too!


P said...

Scar - he is getting more and more precious! I can't wait to meet him. So glad you guys had a great Father's Day. Tell David I said congrats on his first!!

Mum aka Nana said...

I love you all so much and hope David had a great Daddy's Day!

christina said...

hey scarlett,
looks like david had a wonderful first father's day! hope you, david and ethan are doing great. i would love to come bring dinner and see you soon!