24 August 2009

12 weeks.....3 months

Ethan is officially 3 months old and full of life! He prefers being on floor playing verses swinging or sitting in his vibrating chair. He has taken interest in watching Moli and Alex move around the house. He has started squealing when he is happy and talking! It is amazing how such a little man can make so much noise! Standing on his legs is his new favorite thing! He is going to me mobile before I know it! I'm having soooo much fun being home with him and just loving mommyhood! Oh, and this will be our last "weeks" chair photo. They will now post when he is a month older than his previous picture! check out my Vanderbilt Polo...I don't think it will fit when Football season is in full swing!

"it is time for bed mom....don't I look sleepy enough?"

Ethan recently got to visit with his Great Grandad and Great Grandma Ruth. I thought I was going to have to pry Ethan from Ruthie's arms! She just loved loving on him! We are definitely going to have to visit more!

Ethan had a little "blowout" if you know what I mean in this little outfit. I decided this occurs way to often to be immediately washing what ever outfit he was wearing at the time, so I just tossed the sleeper into his hamper. Soon I discovered that "blowouts" are appealing to dogs....such as Alex! Notice what is missing!

I have come to love early morning runs with Ethan and Alex. Especially with this wonderful fall like weather we have had lately. I just find it strange at how many people comment on my "puppy" Alex and not my adorable baby!!! I guess I keep Ethan "tented" like one of Micheal Jackson's kids! No seriously, he loves his sun net that is 50 SPF and also keeps the bugs off! It is ridiculous looking I know, but he loves the shade and I love the SPF!


nashconect said...

Give our little man Ethan some hugs from Great GranDad & Great GRandMum! The Vandy outfit looks good on him...that means the steeler outfit will loook good too. They have the same colors.

Two Little Bugs and a Bichon said...

OMG...I cannot believe Alex ate that 'mess'!!!!! I am dying, soooo funny. Dogs can be so gross!!!!!

Mum aka Nana said...

You were definitely having a great day when posting this blog. It is too funny...Hope no one heard me laughing...
My lil' man is growing like a gorgeous flower.
Hugs and Kisses w/ lots and lots of love, Nana