12 August 2009

10 weeks....

Can you tell it is time for bed? I look sleepy!

10 Weeks

my PJ's have little teddy bears on them

look how big I'm getting
playing in my gym!

This week I would like to start this post by announcing some good news. David has started a new job with Norfolk Homes! He is very excited about his new position. He is doing the budgeting and planning for the home building process. Ethan and I are very excited for him, however, we miss him being at home during the day!

Ethan is becoming more and more active with each passing day! He has discovered that his gym is his new favorite thing! There is a ball suspended from the gym that he loves to kick! He is just practicing for some upcoming soccer games!

If anyone is wondering where I am....I have put myself on house arrest! I have deemed this week "baby boot camp." However, it is more like "mommy boot camp!" I am desperately trying to teach Ethan how to nap. He wakes up after 20 minutes and I will then spend the next hour and ten minutes leaning over his crib shushing him. I have thoughts like...."If I had a penny every time I said "shush," I'd never have to work again" or " David is going to come home to find me passed out in the floor from shushing for sooo long!" The ironic thing is he's wanting to get up and play and I'm wanting to crawl in his crib and nap! I could use your prayers on this one....a prayer for my endurance....and a prayer for Ethan to learn to "let go" and nap!


Mum aka Nana said...

Looks like lil' Ethan has had his hair brushed and looking very handsome especially in teddy bear PJ's! Nana just checking in and just sending the biggest hugs and kisses to her favorite man in her life!