29 November 2012


This week has been a little stressful.  My dad has been in the hospital for what I like to call a little "heart tune up."  Today I was running a few errands solo and decided to call home to see if Ethan would wanna come to the grocery store with me....just us two.  It is amazing at how having a little 1-1 time with an incredibility funny, joyous 3 year old will do for you:)  The things he says...has you laughing and smiling at every other sentence lately!

24 November 2012

giving thanks...

I do believe November is a perfect time to pause between the hocus pocus of Halloween and gifts of Christmas and focus on family.  It is a perfect time to slow down and give thanks for the blessings we take for granted daily.  November happens to be my birthday month so I will give 31 things I am thankful for this year.

1.  my new healthy baby boy:  Bennett Stone
2.  a growing blond, witty boy:  Ethan
3.  a loving husband
4.  family, we have the best family
5.  being able to stay home with my boys 6 days a week {priceless}
6.  a loving a gracious God
7.  my Nikon- i really adore taking pictures of my family
8.  to watch David build houses and give people their dream home
9.  my job...not many can say they truly love what they do
10.  new found friends
11.  sister-in-laws who are more like friends
12.  eating pizza {months without gives me a new appreciation}
13. Aden and Anais blankets...I just love them
14.  J. Crew
15.  my morning coffee
16.  late night reading
17.   reading to Ethan and now Bennett too
18.  bad tv that is perfect after a long day of chasing kids around
19. a few nights of continuous sleep {wink}
20.  pinterest...total addict
21. 4 o'clock walks with my boys
22.  blogs
23.  having a boy who already has a love of reading and books
24.  date night...I'll take them whenever I can get them
25.  my kitchen (thanks to my favorite builder)
26.  diapers.com - yes, I'm a huge fan thanks to Jessica
27.  living in a great city to raise my family
28.  christian music...my favorite way to glorify Him
29.  Ethan's joy for life which lights up my days everyday
30.  actual books..not the electronic kind
31.  story time at the library

21 November 2012

same age...same outfit

20 November 2012

Bennett's 8th Month....

Lets just say 8 months has been milestone after milestone for Bennett.  He has cut two teeth, starting crawling, loves to clap, and now pulling up in his crib to standing.  I keep saying I wish he could be 8 months for at least a year...he is just so sweet to watch crawling around discovering everything.  There is nothing cuter than seeing that little booty on the go.  Just last week he discovered how to go from crawling to back to sitting. He particularly loves tonkas, diggers, and airplanes just like Ethan.  Bennett tends to be interested in the simple toys, not the ones with bells and whistles.  It has been perfect timing with winter setting in for him to start crawling.  He loves just being home playing in the floor.  I am loving just sitting back and watching the boys play together.  

16 November 2012

fall fun recap...

Here is a little recap of just some of the fall fun we've had.  We kicked off fall with our annual trip to Gentry Farms.  This was the first year that we were bundled up and still freezing.  I kept thinking of the first time we took Ethan to the pumpkin patch and I was so excited to take Bennett this year...our littlest pumpkin:)  

can you tell I have a migraine in this picture??  

As room-mom for Ethan's class, I am responsible for hosting the Halloween Party.  The kiddos dressed up, ate treats, made skeletons, and played pin the smile on the the skeleton.  It was lots of fun to see Ethan in his class with all of the friends.  

We had a pumpkin carving party in our neighborhood.  It was so much fun....we had chili, made smores, carved pumpkins, and mingled with friends.  What a great time!  We are blessed to have neighbors who have turned into such great friends.

 the "owl" smores kits my friend Catherine and I made for the kiddos
 David and Ethan carving pumpkins
Ethan's pumpkin
Ethan and his buddy Finn at our Pumpkin Carving Party

Ethan was really into spider man this year.  I have no idea how he knows about spider man, but lets just say he was really into it.  I think all 3 year boys are right now  He is definitely turning from a toddler into a boy.  Every time he put that suit on....he transforms into this guy:

trick or treating....he ran the entire time like he has been doing this for years:)

and our little spider:)

15 November 2012

Jessica's Wedding...

Sunday I was honored to be a bridesmaid for my dear friend Jessica.  What an elaborate, gorgeous wedding it was let me tell you.  The traditional Indian wedding was held at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center.  I was a little nervous to wear the sari that showed my stomach, but I quickly forgot about that as I focused on performing a gangham style dance and giving a speech at the reception in front of 200 people.  Actually, I loved wearing the sari...it was comfortable and easy to dance in.  I gave a quote from Sex and the City for my speech since Jessica and I have been watching the show before the rest of the world picked up on it.  David and I participated with 3 other couples at the wedding in marriage game in which we won {according to David}.  The food was delicious, the cake was scrumptious, the music was great, and I had the best time dancing.  Best of all it is amazing to watch a best friend marry a great guy and know she is getting her happy ever after.  

 The bride is in pink...This was her reception outfit

Jessica in her Sari for the wedding ceremony

my witty little man...

little drummer boy

7am and a circus hat and christmas pajamas in september:)
all I could hear was "mommy..." took me while ot find him:)

first movie!  date with his mommy to the movies
 if only every big brother was a super hero like Bennett's